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4 Breathtaking Destinations in Asia

As the largest continent on our planet, Asia will never disappoint you and leave your adventurous spirit wanting for more. You can visit this continent each year and be able to experience new tastes, landscapes, and cultures. While there are dozens of hot tourist destinations, the following 4 are definitely the most breathtaking of them all.


Tokyo is one of the largest citizens of the world. Dive into the busy streets of the Japan capitol and get mesmerized by so many flashing lights. There are hundreds of places whitin the city and around it, many of which are worth your time.

Don’t forget to taste the Japanese cuisine when catching a break from visiting the many shrines and temples. If you really like the Japanese culture, we suggest you devote an entire day to the Tokyo National Museum.


If you are not a person who prefers seaside adventures, then you should consider visiting the land of the Himalayas – Nepal.

Located on the Earth’s most massive mountains, Nepal offers the most engaging adventures. With interesting architecture in mountain towns and a cuisine you won’t be able to taste anywhere else in the world, this place will leave you speechless.

On top of that, Tibet is just across the border and you can enrich your adventure with one of the Nepal to Tibet tours.


1,200 islands sound way better than 1 island, and that’s exactly how many islands there are in the Maldives archipelago. The Maldives are known by the crystal clear blue waters, breathtaking white sandy beaches, and beautifully colored coral reefs.

Many tourists report that experiencing these islands from the overwater bungalows is the best way to do it. Whether you want to relax in one of the island spas or have fun scuba diving, the Maldives will offer it to you.


When it comes to south-east Asia, Cambodia is a country that you should definitely mark on your map. Beside the beautiful landscapes, tasty foods, and a unique culture, there is something Cambodia can offer that no other country could – Angkor Wat.

This almost 1,000 years old UNESCO world heritage site is scattered all across the jungle. Explore the ruins of these ancient temples and take unique digital mementos back home with you.

On this list, you will find destinations tailored to very specific preferences. Choose the one that resonates with your inner adventurer the best and embark on an adventure of your lifetime.

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