• Wednesday , 12 December 2018

4 Great reasons to visit Africa

Known as the dark continent, Africa has a mysterious land and the life there is more appreciated them other continents.  When you decide to visit Africa prepare to change your vision about life and about things that really meters for a quiet and good life.

You can start your vacation from Tanzania, where the great nature shown its power. You can spot the real life of savannah and you can see wild animals in their habitat.  If you are lucky you can see the great migration that happens in January and around June until September.

From that wildlife you can go a see the magic Egypt. A luxury that occurred thousands years ago and that stayed untouched many years. The older destination on earth, Egypt besomed a great destination for everyone. You can see the Pyramids and the Colossi of Thebes.


If you search a relaxing vacation better then Egypt, Mauritius is the best place for you and your loved ones. Mauritius is part of Mascarene islands and it has 160km of sandy beaches and an amazing azure sea. All you will need is a great hotel with a great room in any zone from Mauritius.

Not far away is Namibia with red dunes, deep canyons and adapted wildlife to those extreme conditions. A land that it’s scary for most of tourist but that can offer great memories fro a lifetime. With extreme temperatures, Namibia is sculpted by huge dunes and dramatic isolated mountains. There the wildlife has adapted to those extreme conditions but can be spotted in the night, when the temperatures drop down.

Africa offers a divers opportunity of travelling so you can choose a flight from your destination to Africa. In Africa you can rent a can or you can chose to book a trip with a car and a specialist. Enjoy every time in Africa and make great memories.

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