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5 Amazing Places in Makassar

Amazing Places in Makassar is iconic for its colonial buildings, rich history, accessible beaches and yummy sea foods. But little do many knows, which Makassar is also teeming with a lot of undiscovered and interestingly appealing attractions. To your next visit to Makassar, make sure to visit these 5 amazing locations that you never knew existed.Wonderful Indonesia

1 | The Spermonde Archipelago — Samalona, Lae-Lae and Kapoposang Island

Round the South coast facing Makassar establishes the Spermonde Archipelago which contains more than 115 tropics islands. Most are uninhabited, but several are popular with tourists who’re looking to experience the perfect beach getaway. Come here to snorkel, dive or unwind and take in the heavenly surroundings.

Only a short distance from the city of Makassar are 3 islands inside the archipelago which aren’t to be overlooked. Those are Samalona Island, Lae Lae Island and Kapoposang Island.

2 | The Balla Lampoa Museum

The Balla Lampoa Museum is a reconstruction of the imperial Gowa Palace during its reign in 1936. Meaning home of greatness, the building itself is constructed in traditional Bugis design, built on stilts and made from plank timber with a two-meter ladder which leads to the main terrace. An architectural delight, the memorial is consistent with the traditional features of Bugis homes during that particular era.

3 | Lengang Laiya Waterfall

Based in the Laiya Village in the Maros Regency, this waterfall is an excellent bit of pure beauty that is untouched by the general tourists. As you arrive at the destination, you’ll be greeted by an expanse of towering pine tree forest which you have to enter input to reach this fantastic waterfall. What awaits on the other side of the forest is a spectacular two-tiered waterfall that acts as a natural infinity pool to the background of the luscious green landscape of hills, valleys, and trees.

4 | The Malino Highlands

As you arrive at Malino Highlands be ready to be taken aback by the magnificent view of rolling tea plantations and the refreshingly aromatic air. For everyone feeling a little more adventurous, there are a whole lot of outdoor activities like flying fox, horse riding, and biking to mention a couple. The mini zoo and waterfall are popular attractions which aren’t to be overlooked.

5 | Lake Tanralili

Situated on the slopes of Mount Bawakaraeng and sitting 1,454 meters above sea level is the heart-stopping beautiful Lake Tanralili. This lake is still relatively undiscovered and has only recently gathered popularity among the local hiking, camping out and academic community. Besides, known as Loe Valley, because of its location among majestically towering cliffs and radically steep valleys, this lake is a diamond in the rough. Come here to unwind and enjoy the calm and enchanting landscape of mountainous terrain, sweeping greenery and dramatic stone structures left from the avalanche which locals say generated the lake.

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