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5 foods you must try in Toronto

This one is for all the foodie travellers. Toronto city is bustling with people from all countries. More than half of the city’s population are immigrants, and everyone brings their flavour to the city, not just in personality, but also in food. For a traveller, that is an amazing experience as multiple cuisines, and flavours get mixed to bring out something new and amazing. Just look for Advantage Car Rental Services in Toronto and drive anywhere in the city. Here’s a list of 5 things you must try on your next visit to Toronto.

For the sweet-toothed

Nadege Patisserie across the city offers the best possible macarons. With a large variety of flavours and colours, it is truly a treat to the eyes and the stomach. While they do offer other sweets as well, their macarons are famous all over Canada. They also do classes if you are interested in learning to make your treats.

For a truly decadent meal

Visit a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Parkdale for the famous Roti at Gandhi Roti with a large variety of filling. Brought to you by the Indian-origin locals, the wide variety is sure to confuse you with the options. You can take your pick between spicy and non-spicy, herb and heavy stuffed rotis and eat to your heart’s desire.

For the meat lovers

Meals are considered incomplete without a protein element, and Carousel Bakery has the best there is to offer. The bakery’s special peameal bacon sandwich is a must try – so much so that there are queues on weekends to get a sandwich.

For the pizza lovers

While you will get pizzas from across the world in this city, you must try the pizzas at North of Brooklyn. The pizza place makes everything from scratch in-house and uses local and organic ingredients to deliver a super fresh, crispy crust every time with a cheesy topping. You can also order sides like garlic knots made from the leftover dough and doused in garlic bread which is also made in-house.

For the Asian flavours

If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, you can head to Lee for some amazing Signature Singapore Slaw made of 19 ingredients or you can check out a steaming bowl of Pho at Pho Tien Thanh, a perfect comfort food. For Thai lovers, there is Pai Northern Thai Kitchen which offers the best and most authentic khao soi in town.

Whatever be your choice, there is something for everyone this town of foodies.

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