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5 Strategies for Driving accommodations Vehicle in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos, Mexico is really a tranquil, relaxed beach town around the Yucatan Peninsula, and helps make the perfect home base for a vacation to the Riviera Maya. Getting accommodations vehicle in Puerto Morelos is a superb decision for most of us, since it offers a superior the liberty to jet off and away to Cancun or Playa del Carmen for any day whenever you want to, or explore the numerous amazing ruins and natural wonders at the own pace.

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Driving accommodations vehicle in Puerto Morelos and also the surrounding areas isn’t very different from driving in america – the Yucatan is among the safest places they are driving in the united states and also the primary streets are usually well-maintained. However, there are several tips that vacationers should follow when driving accommodations vehicle in Puerto Morelos to have the very best vacation possible.

Strategies for car rentals in Puerto Morelos

  1. Get CDW/LDW coverage out of your charge card company

Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waiver is really a pseudo-insurance plan that covers harm to the rental vehicle itself (which isn’t covered within the mandatory Insurance). Most major charge cards offer some CDW/LDW coverage free of charge as lengthy while you utilize it to help make the reservation and pay it off. To have it out of your charge card, you have to decline that coverage in the rental vehicle agency in Puerto Morelos. Vehicle rental companies offer this protection for an additional fee, however it usually features a deductible of 10-20% from the vehicle’s substitute cost.

travel tips

  1. Make a copy of the rental vehicle insurance within the glove box

Always, always, also have a duplicate of the Mexican Insurance, CDW coverage as well as your vehicle and health insurance plans from home, just just in case. The most crucial may be the Insurance – if you are within an accident and can’t prove you have enough insurance to pay for the damages, you could discover yourself browsing a Mexican jail as the police determine who had been to blame and just how much coverage you’ve.

  1. Gasoline stations in Mexico are condition-possessed

There’s just one chain of gasoline stations in Mexico, Pemex, and also the prices are identical all around the country. Remember that most gasoline stations is only going to accept cash, and there might be very couple of gasoline stations on some lengthy stretches of highway. For instance, the toll route to Chichen Itza has couple of exits and couple of gasoline stations, so plan accordingly.

  1. Be careful for potholes on smaller sized streets

The main and secondary freeways in Riviera Maya and also the streets around town of Puerto Morelos have been in very good shape. But be cautious with rural freeways, side streets, and tugging off onto shoulders – you can find an uncomfortable surprise from the pothole. Potholes are really the primary reason individuals Puerto Morelos don’t recommend driving during the night.

  1. Map your route in advance

The Mexican government comes with an application known as Mappir that will not only help you intend a route from Point A to suggest B, it will likewise estimate just how much fuel it will require and just what the expense from the route are (fuel, tolls, etc.). For instance, it Mappir indicates 2 possible routes from Puerto Morelos to Chichen Itza: you have tolls, having a total price of 697 pesos only takes 3 hr 45 min the 2nd doesn’t have tolls having a total price of 424 pesos but takes 4 hr 25 min.

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