• Saturday , 18 January 2020

Alanya The Most Popular Tours

Alanya is the first city in Turkey when the subject is holiday. People who see Alanya excursions be amazed about the history and nature of the city. Back in the time, the city was known only with sea, sun and sand triangle but now there are several tours to have quality time in the city.

Alanya M.A.S Tour

People who would like to have great time in historical areas can have their mission with the help of this tour. Within this tour, there will be travel from Aspendos open theater to historical Roma open theather which are world heritages and protected however tour will not end just with this area, it will continue through Manavgat – Aspendos – Side direction and you will be able to see the beautiful Manavgat fountain.

Alanya Rafting Tour
Especially young people are joining to the Alanya rafting tour and having the most exciting time ever. People are going to have the chance of being in natural beauty of Manavgat with this tour which is offering to the guests’ adrenaline and exciting time. People will be released with the cool waters of Manavgat when they are bored because of the hot weather with rafting area which has medium difficulty level only.

Alanya Manavgat Boat Tour
People are going to have really joyfull time with Alanya Manavgat boat tour which is only 5 km away from the center. The important speciality of this territory is the river and the fountain which has same name with the area. This tour with foreigner and local tourists, the boat is really comfortable, so people can have fun as much as they want with people who they like. Also, prices in this tour is really suitable than normal. Everyone can make holiday plans according to this information for this tour without any problem.

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