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Are You Interested to Save Money While on Trip to New Orleans?

One of the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana in the USA is New Orleans, which is also a major US port. It is famous for culture, good food, music, art and its history. Any body will like the city and if you want to enjoy your stay here, then there are many options available.

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Let us make your food tour New Orleans enjoyable without spending big money with following tips.

Always plan your visit during spring or fall

In order to save money while touring New Orleans, prefer not to visit during peak season. Therefore, if you book your flight during spring or fall, you will always get best prices.

Prefer to stay in a hotel which is outside the French Quarter

After getting a good deal for flight ticket now the next thing to consider is about the hotel stay. The CBD (Central Business District) and French Quarter areas are the most expensive areas where hotels also get filled up very quickly even during off season. So, avoid these areas while booking for hotels.

Prefer public transport while moving in the city

From airport you can get taxi which is pretty expensive and the shuttle service too is not very cheap. The cheaper option is public transport that may take little long time but will take you all around the city at a cheaper price. You can also buy a pass for 3 days which will be much cheaper.

Prefer happy hour for food and drink

During this hour food and drinks are available at half price.

Skip cruise ride

Cruise ride can be pretty expensive rather prefer canal St ferry for free.

Eat like local

You can save money by eating local food.

You will learn more about saving money by talking to other tourists too.

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