• Saturday , 6 June 2020

Authentic Luxury at Ayana Jakarta

The Ayana Jakarta prides itself in being a modern luxury hotel rooted in the authentic traditional Indonesian hospitality.

It is the city hotel of the well-known Ayana Resort Hotels. Located in the bustling and busy streets of Jakarta, it receives and showers its guests with luxurious hospitality services and amenities.

Luxury oozes from the outside of the imposing hotel tower to the inside which is ornately decorated with a mix of traditional and modern artifacts.

From the time you enter the hotel to the time you leave all you will experience is bliss, professional service and luxury.

Luxury services offered in the hotel include:

Luxury accommodation facilities

The Ayana luxury hotel Jakarta has state-of-the art of the accommodation facilities. There are different types of rooms that are on offer in the hotel. The luxurious Ayana suite is at the top of the luxurious accommodation facilities offered at the hotel.

The Ayana suite is the epitome of luxury at this hotel. It is a one bed roomed room that has separate living and sleeping areas. It has a kitchenette that the occupant can use to prepare a small meal for themselves or can have the hotel staff prepare their meals for them there. The bathroom is marble floored and the mini-bar is fully-stocked. In addition, it is tastefully furnished and decorated with accessories from all over the world.

The Ayana Jakarta, also offers studio suites. These suites are a preserve of busy executives who are in the hotel for a short to medium stay. It oozes of luxury with large king size beds for the comfort of the guests. It also has large windows that let in natural light and offer a view of the city or the hotel infinity swimming pool.

The deluxe and premium rooms in this hotel are also luxurious rooms suitable for one night accommodations. They come with a king size bed and upon request, the room could be suited with two single size beds.

In addition, all the rooms have access to complementary WIFI provided by the hotel.

Luxurious event spaces

At the Ayana Jakarta, individuals and corporations can access high-quality event spaces. For businesses, the hotel has a number of conference rooms that can be used by the organizations. The conference rooms can fit up to 100 people for a successful business meeting.

The hotel serves snacks and meals to businesses that book their conference rooms for meetings.

Another luxury space offered by the hotel for meetings is at the poolside. Here, participants of the events can walk around the swimming pool as they network and socialize. Seats and tables can be set here for event members to sit and successfully conduct their meetings.

For social events, the hotel has numerous luxurious event spaces. For weddings, the hotel has both outdoor and indoor spaces. The indoor space includes a ball room that can easily fit up to 1,500 people comfortably. The hotel spruces up the space with classic decorations to ensure that it oozes of luxury and class.

The hotel also has outdoor wedding spaces. The outdoor spaces are on decks and rooftops on the hotel. They provide social events with a beautiful green background and a view of the city below the hotel and in the distance.

Access to the hotel golf club

Guests at the hotel also have access to a luxurious 18-hole golf club. Hotel guests can opt for this as their form of exercise, relaxation, networking and socialization event. The hotel provides transport to the location of the golf club, a short distance away from the city’s environs.

Airport transfers

The hotel also offers luxurious shuttles for airport transfers for its guests. Being in the city, guests from around the world could find it difficult to look for taxis within the city. The hotel makes it convenient for them to get to the airport without the hustle and bustle often involved in hailing taxis.

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