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Bali – A Simple Island sf Sensations, Romance and Beauty

It is said that when God walked the earth he created this beautiful island of Bali. That’s why it’s called the ‘Island of the Gods’. Though you may not believe in this one-line story, your belief will change once you land on Bali. The mesmerizing beauty, majestic creatures, jewel blue view of the sea under the clear sky and lush green forests with many living animals, and the temples built on the naturally formed rocks will change your whole view. It’s simply heaven on Earth. If you are in Bali and want to capture as many moments as possible make your to-do list of the below activities and get ready to explore Bali.

  • A Whole New Experience

Massage can help with all sorts of problems.  Whether you are a sports person, fitness geek, homemaker or college student, massage should be on the top of your priority list for your physical wellbeing. Holidays are for relaxing and when you are on a holiday it’s the best time to indulge yourself in a good massage. Sooth your body and mind by taking a massage in Bali. Make a visit to AMO spa, one of the renowned spa salon in Bali, operated and directed by the famous actress Navia Nguyen who has put all her life experience into AMO.

  • Rehydrate Yourself

The scorching heat and humid weather of Bali can be tough on your skin. I know you care a lot about your body, so why not get a spa and rejuvenate yourself. Give your body a natural treat of AMO body scrub at Canggu day spa. It will make your body immune to the harmful UV rays and protect it from getting sunburnt. Get a salt or coconut scrub that will leave your skin smooth and refreshed. Get a manicure and pedicure to clean, cut and file your nails. Select your nail polish from 1000 different colors, get a nail art done and you are all set for the wonderful experiences of Bali.

  • Go for A Quad Bike Ride

Explore the landscape in style on anATV Bali quad bike. Bali Island ATV is one of the oldest operators of ATV rides and has been providing excellent service to tourists since 1996. It is one of those rides you can blindly trust, that will take you through the beauties of Bali and some unexplored areas that you might not know exist. The best thing about these rides is the bikes are fully automatic, so you do not need to have any driving experience. The Bali Island ATV team will explain you all the dos and don’ts of the trip, you will be provided with the safety equipment and the team members will be with you throughout the trip. So shout, howl, laugh and have fun on this adventurous trip.

  • A Great Family Home

Family vacations are always memorable. Each family member wants to make the trip a success. You leave all your worries and tension aside and indulge in your holiday completely. Experience the vacation pampering with Hu’u villas that offer you an excellent 5-star service along with the hospitality of the staff members. From the time you enter the villa till the time you leave, you will be treated like a celebrity. Watch your children play in the swimming pool with different shape of pool floaties. As you are staying with Hu’u villas you get a free pass to Finns Recreation Club where you and your kids can enjoy a lot of fun games and splash in water parks. Make your vacation a grand success at Bali Villas Seminyak.

  • A Romantic Retreat

Honeymooners choose Bali for their romantic trip and Bali Villas and More make sure that their stay becomes a memorable one. Start your life with a perfect happy memory. Choose your villa from one of the specialBali honeymoon packages and experience the best honeymoon. Live among the mesmerizing garden, bath in your private swimming pool, sleep in your soft and comfortable bed. Relax and enjoy in your villa and let the customer service team handle all your worries. They are available 7 days a week to help you in any way they can. All you have to do is make your honeymoon as romantic as possible. Plan a surprise candlelight dinner, organize a barbeque in your villa kitchen.

  • Jet Skiing in Bali

Not sure how to ride a jet ski? Seeing so many people taking a jet skiing tour kind of tempts you to go for a ride on the sea and maybe even watch some majestic creatures under the sea. Well don’t worry because Bali Tours and More will help you, by putting you in touch with the best guidesto show you how to operate the jet, when to put brakes so that you do not go straight ahead and collide with other jet ski riders and on the boat of fishermen. The training is quite easy and you will quickly catch-up with all the mechanisms. Do go for a jet skiing Bali adventure for the ride of a lifetime.

Some other fun activities you might want to enjoy are:

Explore the wondrous world under the waves with some scuba diving.


Practice your golf swing on one of Bali’s great golf courses.


Get up close and personal with some furry friends at Bali Zoo


Ride through the Bali countryside on an elephant.


  • Rent A Room witha Panoramic View

Many Hotels in Seminyak come with a jaw-dropping view of the sea. It fills the hotel room with happiness and peace. There are many top hotels in Seminyak that are located within walking distance of the bveach and all the great restaurants, shops and other amenities.  So don’t worry about getting stuck in traffic because you can walk on foot exploring the shops that line the road. Dine at the famous ‘Eat Street’ of Seminyak where you will find a variety of International cuisine from all over the world. Seminyak beach gets crowded in the evening as the tourists and local crowd hit the beach bars. Enjoy watching the blue water slowly turn into black. Open the hotel room window and let the cool tropical breeze fill in the energy and freshness.


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