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Budgeting Your Camper Holiday

Going on holiday is frequently the best part of your year, but you have to make sure that you go about it properly. There are many ways that a holiday can become a headache; the main reason that holidays go awry is due to money troubles. If you do not budget properly, you could find yourself spending much more money than you had originally intended. Alternately, you risk running out of money during your holiday if you’ve allocated your budget incorrectly. Knowing your estimated costs beforehand will help you plan for the future and will facilitate a relaxing holiday. Here are some of the associated costs and how to plan for them.



Figuring out the cost of your transportation is the first step. If you hire a campervan, for example, you will have a low-cost solution to suit your transportation needs. Campervans are very affordable and very convenient. They will save you a considerable amount of time and money; that’s especially true if you budget beforehand and are well prepared. The first cost associated with a campervan is the price of the rental itself.

You should determine which specific camper you need and which features are going to be most important. Campervans tend to range greatly in size; the most common models are fit to support anywhere between two people to about eight. That is a pretty wide range, and the prices match the varying sizes. Determining how many sleeping spaces you need is the first aspect to address. Then, you need to determine which amenities you need. If you are traveling with a bunch of people who cannot cook, then you might not need a well-stocked kitchenette. Alternately, if you are traveling with people who prefer to cook their own food, you will need sufficient kitchen accommodations. Once you figure out how large a campervan you will need and which amenities are necessary, you’ll be able to determine how much the hire is going to cost.

Petrol Costs

The petrol costs are going to be a big determining factor in how much money you spend during your holiday. You can budget for petrol costs by investigating the fuel economy of different campervans that fit your needs. Then, you should investigate the cost of petrol in the different areas of the country to which you are traveling. If you map out your campervan holiday, you can then determine how much fuel you’ll have to buy and how much it will cost.

Unforeseen Circumstances

By definition, it is impossible to plan for unforeseen occurrences; however, you can budget for them to a large extent. Your campervan is a vehicle, which means it will be prone to all of the problems any vehicle can face. Flat tires, torn belts, and leaky gaskets are fairly common problems that can be easily addressed, but they cannot be addressed for free. You have to budget for these potential problems. There are no hard and fast rules for how to budget for unforeseen vehicular problems, but you should calculate the price of one tire, a few belts, and a few litres of oil. That should be enough to handle the most common issues that arise while on the road.

If you plan properly, a campervan holiday can be fun and rewarding.

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