• Saturday , 21 September 2019

Desert of dreams: the Algerian Sahara desert

Algeria – a classic and peaceful country that is protected with eye-catching architecture, awesome décor, pristine beauty, plenty of natural loveliness, and delicious food. Algeria is famous for its sand   dunes and mosques and obviously, you will be surprised to see the superb level of hospitality of the Algerian people. The Algerian Desert is the part of the Sahara Desert that is located in north-central Africa. You can explore a real adventure country Algeria, whose 80% of lands are engaged by the Sahara Desert. If you have a dream to visit the desert area, let’s join to make a memorable journey!

The Algerian Sahara Desert is a supreme charm, according to World guides. The Tassili n’Ajjer world heritage site covers a massive area of desert landscape in southern Algeria. It is extending from the Niger and Libyan border area, north and east of Djanet, as far as Illizi and Amguid. Tassili n’Ajjer is a historically famous national park, which is located in the Southeast Algeria. This area is a matter of limitless archaeological interest. UNESCO placed it on the “World Heritage List” in 1982. Daytime temperatures are normally between 46°C (113°F) and 51°C (122°F) during the warmest period of the year in most of the desert.

This is the biggest desert in the world, which is extending between 800 and 1,200 miles and at least 3,000 miles from east to west. The wonderful site of the largest mountain chain Tassili n’Ajjer has well-maintained rock paintings and archaeological finds that are lavish in the zone. In my view, Tassili n’Ajjer is  phenomenal for its incredible paintings. It has one of the most significant groupings of prehistoric cave art in the world.

The Tassili n’Ajjer

Tassili n’Ajjer is the home of more than 15000 drawings and engravings, recording the climatic changes, the animal migrations, and the evolution of human life. This is a massive highland in southeast Algeria at the borders of Niger, Mali, and Libya and covers an area of 72,000 square km. If you are a history-loving person, then it’s perfect for you to visit Tassili n’Ajjer and I am sure you would like to visit again! You can earn a spectacular and remarkable familiarity on visiting the incredible Algerian Sahara Desert and Tassili n’Ajjer.

The unbelievable open gallery helps you to get an idea about Algerian Sahara desert history. The rock art and all of the things made Tassili world famous as from 1933. You can find out the oldest art from the wild fauna period. The picture of animals such as hippos, giraffes, rhinos, and elephants shows it. Tourist can explore the nature-gifted breathtaking scenic sights, visit the outstanding Algerian Sahara Desert and get a pleasant surprise. A mesmerizing natural beauty, Algerian Sahara Desert is the ultimate travelling place for you!


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