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Enjoy a World of Nature and Wine in Hunter Valley

Who doesn’t love wine? From the antiquity to modernity, America to New Zealand, the world has long entertained a love affair with all kinds of different wines. Some of the world’s finest music, art, and literature features wine front and centre, and there’s just a special earthly beauty to vineyards that make them the perfect place for everything from weekend trips to wedding ceremonies.

Enjoy a World of Nature and Wine in Hunter Valley1

Here are just a few reasons to make a trip to NSW’s Hunter Valley wine region for your next vacation destination.

Wedding Venues

Australia is one of the greatest locations for weddings in the entire Southern Hemisphere. With everything from the grandeur of Sydney to the natural beauty of the Outback, there’s something and somewhere for everyone when it comes to finding wedding venues.

One thing you’ll definitely want to look for when considering an Australian wedding, in general and one in and around the Hunter Valley area in particular, is the potential for package deals. Planning your wedding around a package deal with a winery or to one of the Hunter Valley’s many lush golf greens can help cut down costs and give you a unique wedding venue for a day you’ll never forget.

Wine Tours

One of the big stories in the wine industry over the course of the past couple decades has been the emergence of wines from the Southern Hemisphere. Fans of red and white wines alike have long thrilled to fine French and Italian classics, while California’s Napa Valley has become a premier New World wine option. Joining the ranks of the esteemed list of prime wine locales are Australia and New Zealand, with both offering red and white options that have ranked 90 or above in wine rankings. They have also made Australian wineries and vineyards great tourist attractions. Hunter Valley is the oldest wine growing region in Australia, and it offers fantastic trips for both small groups and larger parties, giving you a tour that your taste buds will long enjoy. The region specialises in Shiraz and Chardonnay, making it the perfect getaway, whether you’re looking to relax with a summery white or a full-bodied red wine.

Enjoy a World of Nature and Wine in Hunter Valley

Luxury Getaways

One of the great joys of wine are finding different culinary items with which to pair them. Likewise, one of the great boons to the Hunter Valley area is the fact that it not only boasts an immaculate wine country and dozens of fantastic locales for weddings, but it features many luxury restaurants and shops built around the wine industry. For those wondering what’s on in the Hunter Valley, the answers are as many as they are exciting. What’s more, the area boasts some of Australia’s most hallowed and exclusive golf courses, including Cypress Lake, one of the nation’s truly elite greens. If you’re looking to keep your eyes on the prize, you’ll definitely want to check out Aqua Greens, which features prizes for participants who excel on the driving range as well as a low key putting green nearby.

All of this and more can make for a scintillating time in Australia’s ever-hot Hunter Valley wine region.

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