• Saturday , 21 September 2019

Essential Pieces of Surfing Equipment you would get at surf shop

In case you are a beginning at surfing, odds are that you don’t even have your own surfboard as well. Actually, that is perfectly fine. Most of the people rent or bring surfboards and other surf gear from their friends, but in case you want to take your surfing session seriously and want to step forward then investing in your own surfing equipment, will surely be a good thing to do.  

Essential Pieces of Surfing Equipment you would get at surf shop

1.      Surfboard

The first thing you would need when you are building your surf gear is a surf board. For people who have just started can go for a larger surfboard and that will assist you in the water. In case you don’t want to spend huge amount of money on buying a new surfboard, best is to go with the second-hand surfboards. Also, it is recommended that you go to a surf shop and get advice on selecting the appropriate surfboard from them.  

2.      A good wetsuit

Before going to buy one it is always good check the prices and the kinds of wetsuits on the internet. Do a little research, set your budget and get an awesome wetsuit. Don’t let fancy gizmos and gadgets influence your decision. The first and foremost job of a wetsuit is to protect you from the elements, and it should be good at it.

3.      Surf leash

It is a must-have element of surfing equipment. Though quite inexpensive but can save your life. An ideal leash must be as long as your surfboard at least which would allow you space to move in case you fall off it and it would also help you avoid getting hit.  

4.      Surf wax

You would also require some surfboard wax in case your surfboard doesn’t comes with traction pads. It keeps you from slipping around while you are surfboarding and also adds texture to your surfboard. It is highly economical, and you would look extremely cool while applying the wax on the surfboard. It would create a classic surfer image!

5.      Earplugs

Ear plugs are a must and in case you don’t use them, you might develop surfer’s ear which is a condition in which small bones start developing in your ear channel. This is quite painful and can also lead to various infections and in severe cases you might even lose your hearing capability. Therefore, do yourself a favour and get yourself a pair of earplugs from the surf shop to use them whenever you are surfing.

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