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How to Purchase Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets?

For a novice rider, purchasing a cruiser motorcycle helmet could be a tedious job than selecting a bike. Unless and until they have studied about it and asked a number of people or tried some window shopping. So, how do you purchase a helmet, do you buy it because this is the helmet which you have been thinking to buy or because your dealer has suggested it???? Well, this can make your riding experience less enjoyable.

Even for experienced riders, getting a new helmet is a difficult procedure. Dealers may not have the size, manufacture, make or model which you want. Well here are some tips which can help you get the best helmet for your head and at the same time make your riding experience more amazing and enjoyable.

Studies from US suggest that rider who wear helmet suffer lower injuries and deaths during crash. They are less likely to encounter neck and head injuries. A helmet should meet the D.O.T standard to render good security during crash. By lowering down the ambient wind noise, helmet helps you listen to sounds better. A full face helmet helps you to keep away from large insects coming straight to your face during the ride. A bright color helmet makes your more visible to people.

D.O.T. certification

A helmet is useless if it doesn’t give you any protection and isn’t approved by the Department of Transportation. The sticker on the back of the helmet is the assurance that your helmet will perform well when needed. The certification approves that it has a good amount of impact energy, great penetration and stupendous fastening system to withstand forces.


A helmet isn’t useful if it doesn’t stays on your head when you fall unexpectedly. You should see the fitting of the helmet before purchasing by doing a small test. Fasten the helmet strap snugly forcing your chin. Hold the helmet’s rear part and try to pull it out by rolling it ahead off your head. Though, it may hurt, but the helmet shouldn’t fall off. You should also pay heed to the fastening buckles of the helmet.


Another segment of retention is fit. Usually helmets come with suggestions for size and fitting. It is important for the helmet to fit snugly so it doesn’t move when your head is shaking side by side, back or front. A full face helmet holds your jaw, cheeks, side and top of your head. A loose helmet will come out during crash while a tight helmet is uncomfortable to don.

Right fit means that it is cozy enough to allow your skin to move with it when you’re moving your head with your helmet on.


A helmet is an important factor and it is something which can make your long rides unpleasant and pleasant. If you take some time out and shop for the most comfortable helmet, you will have the best riding experience of your life.

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