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Interesting Places To Visit While Staying In Jakarta

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When most people thing of Indonesia, Jakarta is one of the places that come to mind and rightfully so because it is not only the country’s capital but also the most populous city. The city of Jakarta is the birthplace of exotic. This is because the ethereal and eerie sounds of the gamelan music as well as the entrancing patterns, colors and textures of batik originate from this place.  In addition, Jakarta boasts of some of the best coffee beans in the worlds prompting Java to become a synonym for coffee.

Jakarta is a city of ancient Dutch and Portuguese  cultural influences which are mixed up in a boiling pot of flavors full of Pacific island, Chinese and Arabic way of living. Since this pretty much defines exotic, it makes Jakarta that one special place where you can find it all.


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Interesting places to explore

Istigal Mosque

Originally built in 1978, this is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and the most important building in the heart of the city thus making it worth seeing. With a capacity of 200,000, the Istigal Mosque comprises of a stunning marble courtyard which is adorned with a few decorative minarets.  The vast volumes inside the mosque hold up the central dome while the walls are decorated with Islamic iconography and reliefs.

The National Monument

This icon of the city features an immense structure that is located in the magnificent Merdeka Square. The National Monument which stands at a colossal 132 meters high is revered across Indonesia since it pays homage for the country’s struggle for independence. Aside from admiring its beauty, you can also climb up to the observation deck and take in the city’s vast picturesque views.

Thousand Islands

Located off the north of the city, the Thousand Islands are a chain of islands that provide a myriad of opportunities for those brave enough to step outside of Jakarta’s boundaries. Here, you will find beautiful secluded islands that are lined with awe-inspiring golden beaches, amazing restaurants and stunning resorts.

These islands offer a perfect opportunity if you want to soak up some sun and relax.

Jakarta Chinatown

Popularly known as Glodok by the locals, this is Jakarta’s Chinatown. Since the 17th century, the city has been inhabited by Chinese migrants hence the name and its population has remained an important part of Jakarta.

Chinatown which is centred on Pintu Road, features some interesting traditional architecture as well as an abundance food stalls, colourful temples and markets.

Ancol Dreamland

The Ancol Dreamland offers a sufficient amount of excitement, adrenaline and fun for anyone looking to take a break from sightseeing. This place is also considered to be Indonesia’s best theme park. Whether you are just a big kid yourself or you are traveling with kids, ensure that you pay this place a visit.

Some of the attractions found within this massive park include the Atlantis Water Adventure Park, a golf course, the Fantasy World and Ocean Dream Samudra as well as a bowling arena plus many more. At Ancol Dreamland, there is certainly something for everyone from roller-coaster rides, sports, aquarium and beaches which happen to be the perfect way to cool off since Jakarta experiences humid weather.

With a plethora of things to do and places to visit, it is easy to get caught in the whirl of Jakarta since life happens fast all around. To avoid this, try to hang back and observe and also talk to the locals and ask them questions about the city and their culture.

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