• Wednesday , 22 January 2020

Why the weather in Lanzarote makes it a perfect summer destination

Now that summer has arrived, millions of people are looking forward to taking their annual beach holiday in the coming months. The weather in Lanzarote has long since made it a favourite with British tourists, and for good reason.

Located in the Spanish-administered Canary Islands to the west of Africa, Lanzarote enjoys year-round sunshine. During the summer months, you can expect average temperatures of up to 25oC, making it the perfect getaway for sun, sand and lots of fun.

The favourable climate on island lends itself perfectly to many great summer activities, and there is none of that worry about what the weather in Lanzarote will be like, unlike in many other destinations. You can make your plans well in advance and with confidence.

Here are five activities you can enjoy thanks to the consistent and enviable weather in Lanzarote.

  • Diving
    If you fancy trying your hand at some scuba diving, or perhaps you’re already a seasoned diver, then Lanzarote is the perfect destination to head to. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the seas are warm and clear, and there is an abundance of marine life to take in at dive sites around the island. You will have the opportunity to spot everything from turtles and seahorses to barracudas and rays. Due to its maritime history, there are also numerous opportunities to see shipwrecks while diving off Lanzarote.
  • Beautiful beaches
    There are few more enjoyable ways of spending time in great summer weather than by heading to the beach – and Lanzarote has plenty of them to choose from. Whether you’re after a golden sandy beach shared with many other holidaymakers, or an idyllic sandy cove hidden away from the masses, you will be spoiled for choice.
  • Enjoy time on the ocean!
    Being an island, Lanzarote is surrounded by water. With such beautiful weather, there are countless opportunities to head out to sea, be it on a relaxing boat trip to watch whales and dolphins, or speed things up with a jet ski or motor boat of your own!

Stunning walks and hikes
Lanzarote has some stunning walking and hiking routes to enjoy, although you will want to avoid doing too much in the middle of the day! However, early morning and late afternoon provides a perfect opportunity to go and enjoy some of this unique terrain. Enjoy views of the White Crater at Caldera Blanca volcano, or if you prefer, enjoy a coastal seascape as reward for scaling La Graciosa.

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