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Perfect Travel to Different European Options

Corsica is a mountain in the sea. It is certainly a truth, but it is more or less a thousand to go around it for miles around. Yes, a thousand kilometers of beaches, gullies and depressions bathed on a sea that is almost always clean, often cooled by sudden currents, or whipped by libecci and maestrali that are the joy of windsurfers, and are the terror of the devourers of parasol bestsellers.

Some spots in the Corsican Sea can only be seen in very high season, near crowded campsites. But they are exceptions, because more than 150 points on the beaches of the French island are meticulously checked every summer by the authorities in charge, a prerequisite for choosing serenely the “own” beach. In https://www.etia.com/ all information are there regarding visa if you want to visit Europe.

Because the small miracle of Corsica is to offer “taylor made” beaches among wild coves, stretches of sandy shore, dune tongues or smart beaches served and revered by bars and private bathrooms. And that’s not all. The shore perfectionists can discern whether to stretch out on beaches of very fine light or dark sand, grainy or mixed pebbles. And if a nice cow appears behind you, it’s not sunstroke, here is the rule. Is it or is it not a mountain in the sea?

Imagining to get off a ferry in the port of Bastia (not disdained one night, can reserve curious meetings), we decide to go up the “finger” that indicates Liguria, round Cape Corso , and stop in the lively and welcoming Calvi .

  1. Beach Of Pietracorbara

At 20 km from Bastia, backed by rushes and vegetation that grow in a river valley that precedes it .Pietracorbara should be mentioned because it is one of the few beaches of clear sand on the east coast. Plus it is easily accessible from the road and is also a great spot for windsurfing.

  1. Tamarone Beach

Just over 1 km north of Macinaggiofollows the trail that leads to the Stazzu campsite. In Macinaggio, if you are not a little equipped, the advice is to stock up on fruit, focaccia and umbrellas (for the trendiest there is also a shop where you can find summer readings and straw hats). You can park easily and it is a pleasure to spend a few hours relaxing between white sand and fresh, clear sea. Here it is very common for some cows to present themselves without too many compliments on the shore. The selfie is a ritual.

  1. Beach Of Cala (Barcaggio)

At the top of the Cap Corse, leave the D80 at Botticella and curve after curve the hole is pierced to find yourself in the outer tip of Corsica. To reach the beach of Calafollow the “path of the customs officers” towards Punta Agnello for half an hour. The landscape opens up with a view of the Giragliaisland. You would feel out of the world but paid parking makes us add an “almost” …

  1. Beach Of Nonza

Stromboli? No. Nonza. It is impressive to see it appear between the curves and the hairpin bends on the west side of the “finger” (perhaps not with protruding loads and various vehicles). First you can see the green that fades into black to finally reach the village perched on a rock spur (recommended stop for a panoramic snack, if you continue towards Saint-Florent).

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