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Plan a trip to London

For most of the people, it is a dream to visit London. London has all what you desire to see and experience. It is a complete place in itself. You can do lots of exciting things in London. London is considered to be one of the most favorite tourist destinations. From natural landscape to royal palaces, all you can find in London. You will have the most memorable trip to London. You can book your British Airways flight ticket from yatra.com to enjoy a comfortable and stress free journey to London.

Why you should book flight tickets online?

Yatra.com makes your journey comfortable by offering you online flight reservation and hotel reservation. Instead of going to any flight reservation centre, you can directly reserve your flight tickets from yatra.com. British Airways Web Check In facility is also for making your trip and journey comfortable and easy. There are so many 5 star hotels in London where you can stay for as much time you want. You can book your hotel in London through online site.Image result for Plan a trip to London

Places to visit in London

There are so many beautiful places to visit in London. Some of them are listed below-

  • Buckingham palace– Buckingham palace is one of the most iconic places of London. It was built in the year 1837. This palace was the residence of Queen Victoria and her family. The tour of this huge palace is simply amazing. You will have to buy the entry ticket to go inside this palace.
  • The London eye– London Eye is the largest observatory wheel in Europe. This huge wheel allows people to have a beautiful view of London from height. With your 30 minutes circular tour on the London Eye, you can see the whole of London and it is really amazing and exciting.
  • National Gallery- Western European paintings made by famous painters like Botticelli, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, etc are kept inside the National gallery of London. National gallery of London comes among the top art museums of the World.
  • Tower of London- Tower of London comes among the most popular buildings in the world. The beautiful structure of this tower attracts large number of tourists. Tower of London represents the history of United Kingdom. If you want to know about some amazing things that had happened in Europe in the past years, you can visit the Tower of London.
  • Big Ben– Big Ben is one the most famous landmarks of London. This tower is 96m long. A big clock is also installed on the tower. If you ever visit London, you should definitely try to visit Big Ben.
  • British Museum– British Museum has a vast collection of arts, artifacts and antiquities. This museum represents the artistic talents, traditional European culture and history. Entry of visitors at the British museum is absolutely free. You can go inside the British Museums to see the skills of European Artists and craftsmen.  It is truly an amazing place to visit in London.

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