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Reasons to Visit Bali Beach Clubs

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Taking a vacation in Bali brings one location to mind; the beach. You can actually smell the ocean and hear the gentle waves lapping against some rocks. Beach clubs are the best way to experience the sea anywhere especially in Bali.

Why would you choose Bali?  Your answer may be something to do with everyone raving about magnificent Bali and you want to be in on the secret. Be that as it may, there are other reasons why you opt for a beach club Bali. Some of these reasons include:

  • The best locations in the world which include access to the most spectacular beaches
  • The ambiance (tranquil)
  • Luxury including 5-star hotels with all the trimmings
  • Family Friendly settings
  • Lifestyle (theme parties, music and dance, live bands)
  • The cuisine which includes traditional Balinese culinary delights, fine wines, cocktails)
  • The natural beauty
  • The Balinese culture
  • Exclusivity (quality service and privacy)

What the Beach Clubs Have to Offer

Fun by the Sea

Bali is known for the seemingly never-ending sun and peaches with the beautiful palm trees and the glorious ocean to frolic in. There is no better place to enjoy the beauty of the sea and beach than a beach club. Bali has a lot of them to offer.

Visitors can access the beach for fun activities like building castles or simply lying on the beach and drifting off to a light nap as they sunbathe. They can also participate in their activities water-based activities such as snorkeling and surfing.

They can also take boat rides out into the deep sea and go diving to watch the beautiful sea life.  The days in Bali are amazing to see with hues of blue and the pink of some of the beaches. You can actually laze around on the beach or on your porch with a nice book and read the day away.

The Culinary Experience

Maybe it is the atmosphere. Maybe it is the Balinese with their friendly nature and beautiful culture. It might even be the rich fertile soils of Indonesia. Whatever it is, the food in Bali is simply heavenly and the beach clubs have it in plenty.

There are many varieties of restaurant and bar concepts offered and the recipes vary from local to international. The beach clubs of Bali are aware that their clients will have different requirements and they cater to the tastes of all. Therefore, if you love your meat, would prefer raw food or you are vegan, your needs will be met.

The Bali Beach Clubs

Here are some of the best beach clubs you will find in Bali:

Karma Beach Club

The Karma is located in a breathtaking cove and is a beauty to behold. It is a tropical oasis found in Ungasan in the southern part of Bali. This club offers its clients the best in terms of food,, entertainment and luxury.

KOMUNE Beach Club

This is a favorite with environmentally conscious visitors who love to have a good time in an eco-friendly setting. The club offers floodlight night surfing among other delights. The pools and lagoons are great for surfing and swimming when the tide is low.  Right in front of the club, surfing enthusiasts are delighted to find four surf breaks.

Sundara Beach Club

This one has the feel of a 5-star resort as well as a relaxed beach club. It includes:

  • Beach-front daybeds
  • Air-conditioned bar
  • Open air terrace
  • A restaurant

The daybeds are right next to the 57-meter Infinity Edge Pool.

Sundays Beach Club

If you visit the Bukit Peninsula in Ungasan, you will find a breathtaking stretch of beach that speaks of comfort and style. The beach is a tropical perfection of soft white sand that you can happily sink your bare feet in. The service is great and the tunes will have you relaxed almost a soon as you are settled in.


Beach clubs are the best way to enjoy the beach whenever you travel to a tropical paradise such as Bali. They have everything a visitor needs to make their Bali experience as special as they have always hoped it would be.

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