• Saturday , 18 January 2020

Seven Trails Similar To the Camino De Santiago

Has the Camino de Santiago left you craving more? Are you keen to do the Camino de Santiago, but can’t find your way to Spain for one reason, or another? If so- not to fret, there are many other options for adventure walks, located in various parts of the world! Below are the top seven walks similar to the Camino de Santiago!

  1. Pacific Crest Trail- This long-distance trail is spread across three states and two countries, sprawling across California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. It is a bit more difficult than the Camino de Santiago, and you will need to do some training and planning to ensure you ration your water and food supplies. There is also a heightened sense of adventure as this trail will take you across rivers and through the cascades.
  2. Continental Divide Trail- This trail is also in the United States, and goes across New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Because of the weather, this trail can only be traveled between April and October. Like the Pacific Crest Trail, there are more hazards on this trail when compared to the Camino de Santiago; you may encounter bears, avalanches, dehydration or mountain lions. This trail is less popular than others, so there won’t be as much of a social aspect compared to the Pacific Crest Trail or the Camino de Santiago.
  3. Appalachian Trail-The Appalachian Trail spans across fourteen states, making the journey 2,189 miles long. It often rains on this trail, so except for a wet walk. It is also the most popular out of all the trails in America, so it will likely be crowded. However, because of its popularity, almost no planning is needed, similar to the Camino de Santiago.
  4. Annapurna Circuit- This walk is located in the mountains in Central Nepal and is able to be walked year round. This is good for trekkers who aren’t keen on planning- you can find places to stay and warm meals nearly every night. The Annapurna Circuit offers beautiful views, an opportunity to do a walk in Asia, and immerse in another culture.
  5. Ladakh- Trekking Ladakh takes a lot of planning and is in a very remote part of India- it is likely you won’t see anyone else that is walking. Because of the isolation, this hike is often described as life-changing, and being very spiritual. People on this trail often hire a guide, who can also act as a cook and porter.
  6. Israeli National Trail- Have you ever wanted to hike across an entire country? This is your chance. The Israeli National Trail covers all of Israel, and was inaugurated in 1995.Taking 45-60 days to complete, this trail is 1,105 kilometers. It is a beautiful trail, that requires little planning, except for water, as it is a very dry trail.
  7. TeAraora- This is New Zealand’s longest trekking trail, spanning across both islands. The route is 3,000 kilometers and takes between three to six months. This trail isn’t as popular because there aren’t as many set-in-stone routes, rather walking with a map, so it requires much more planning.

There you have it! Seven walks that are like the Camino de Santiago! Which one will you decide to do next? As always, be sure to keep a few things in mind before preparing to take off for an adventure! Physical demands, social aspects, cost and planning should be accounted for when making any final decisions!

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