• Friday , 13 December 2019

Skydiving in California: Best Locations

California has a lot of dropzones for skydivers to choose from. California is a beautiful state that has great weather, nature, and amazing coastal views and this is why it’s so popular for skydiving. You might think that the thrill of jumping out of a plane is enough by itself but it’s not.

Experienced skydivers know this and its always an even greater experience when dropping out into a beautiful area that has interesting sights to offer. This is why we decided to share with you some of the best dropzone locations in three of the best skydiving locations in CA.

1.     Skydiving in San Francisco Bay Area

Skydiving SF bay area is probably one of the best locations to go to throughout northern California and even the whole state. The whole bay area offers beautiful scenery and everyone that drops down here is simply amazed by how peaceful the bay is when seen from above.

Throughout the bay area, there are various drop zones that offer different experiences – you can go tandem diving, learn to be a professional skydiver, or enroll on a student program. The SF Bay is Probably the area in CA with most skydiving centers.

2.    Skydiving in the Los Angeles Area

Tandem skydiving is one of the most popular jumps that people make in this area. There are many options for jumping from 12,500 ft and enjoying a long freefall that could last for almost a minute.

It is a perfect opportunity to get to know Southern California, as not only that will you enjoy the amazing views from the sky, but you will also have to descend through the area when landing.

You can dive above San Bernardino Valley, The Ventura MSA coast, Long Beach, South Bay, Omona Valley, and many other areas around Los Angeles. A great way to learn about the surrounding area and go exploring a bit.

3.    Skydiving on the Central Coast

The central coast of California goes from Santa Cruz and just south underneath the Bay Area, all the way to Santa Barbara. The area is located just several hours from LA, but this great stretch of land is an ideal location to experience skydiving.

In this area, you can have extremely high jumps with over 17,000 ft, but if you are still inexperienced better start with smaller heights. When the skies are clear, you can even see the Golden Gate Bridge when skydiving in the area.

If you can, try and visit all these areas, as each of them has something of its own to offer.

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