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  Spend Time in Madagascar with the Wild Animal and Major Water Bodies

Madagascar is large island nation off the southeast coast of Africa and it is place of the animal species such as reefs, plus rainforest and much more. Hence it becomes one of the famous tourist places to spend time with in hillside and green area. Additional it filled with the huge centuries old trees. To visit the Madagascar obsessively, the month of April to October is right season. This dry season bring out the fewer rain showers, hiking, playing different water sports activities.

 April to October:

 It is dry season which deliver the slightly cooler temperature than you can find between the months of the November to March. But you can enjoy spending time up to 8 hours of daylight at the present year and it has comfortable temperature hence this will make best time to visit Madagascar. Additional, traveler can enjoy prime of the diving, spotting animal, hiking and much more entertainment to spend at this season. But especially in the month of the august to October is big chance for both snorkeling and diving. In the middle season, traveler can develop the chance of the viewing the baby lemurs, different bird species. At this season, you spend and enjoy with the various events such the Donia Music Festival, Famadihana, Kabiry Festival, Madajazzcar, Marathon de Diego Suarez, Whale Festival, and Zegny’Zo Arts Festival.


 At this time, this country has wet season which is an annually from the month of the November to March. Hence the visitors with the poor condition for wording around the Madagascar but you enjoy wildlife. Some of the roads will be inaccessible and in some moth, you can have 5 hours of sunlight and various attractions close to weather. Especially ion the month of the January, February, and March has cyclone season so become unpleasant for the major usage. It has average temperature of high up to 70s and low 80 s but the humidity remain the location to stay hotter. This month can improve the great chance of spotting reptiles such geckos, chameleons and much more activates. At this time, you can get discount for booking rooms to stay. On other hand, the customer can enjoy spending time with the major festival such New Year’s day, Alahamadia Be and Martyrs Day. To get additional details just visit official link which provide the best and comfortable solution to plan at right season with no risk of it.

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