• Saturday , 18 January 2020

The 5 craziest destinations for a hen weekend in Europe

We all like to go a little crazy now and then, aren’t we?

We are deadly serious in our professional lives, we stress ourselves over each and every detail of our households and we want to make everything perfect, because that’s simply the way we are.

Sometimes, however, it’s for the best to just…let go. Do things we have never even imagined we are able to do them. Reveal to ourselves the sweet-crazy-wild that lies within each of us.

That’s what a hen weekend is about!

If you have a girlfriend that’s about to get married, then this is the perfect moment to get away and simply go wild. Not in the bad way! In a Peter Pan-ish kind of way. Just don’t let yourself get in the way of your true nature.

That’s why this article is called top 5 craziest hen weekend destinations.

And that’s why it’s in Europe.

Because you can be free, without the fear that somebody from work might recognize you after a booze game with the gals.

Choose hen weekend packages in order to have fun without paying a small fortune!

By choosing Europe, you choose diversity, craziness and freedom.

Europe, however, isn’t necessarily the cheapest continent, if you don’t plan for something in advance. If you go to Paris, Milano or Monaco, for instance, yes, you’re going to be spending a lot. But have you thought about Eastern Europe? Or Cyprus?

These are the kind of splendid destinations that will give you some space, budget-wise, and the kind of urban areas with plenty fun and crazy activities to try.

What’s the secret?

Choose a professional company to organize your hen weekend. It’s that simple!

Many of these companies will offer you hen weekend packages, which include:

  • Accommodation (hotels, motels)
  • Travel plans (plane, bus, limos)
  • Activity plans (the fun things you might want to experience)
  • A standard budget for the whole hen do package
  • A specialised local guide which will be there during the whole hen weekend

Of course, not every company will give you the same benefits. But you will receive a recommendation at the end of the article, that assures all five of the above.

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