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The beautiful beaches and best cuisine that you can taste in Albania

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If you have got bored from your daily life and work, then you must plan holidays. Because these are the best way through which you can refresh your mood and can reduce your stress level. There are many places where you can spend your holidays but these days many people are opting for Albania. It is a beautiful city of Southeastern Europe with beaches all around. There are many places of interest in Albania but you must plan Albanian beach holidays because it has best and beautiful beaches in all Europe.

Must try food of Albanian city

Even this city is also famous for its Albanian cuisine and you will get a variety of food to eat here. Following are some of the must try foods of Albania:

Fresh shrimps: If you are planning to visit Albania then your holidays cannot be completed without eating fresh shrimps. These shrimps are easily available in the market that you can cook or can buy the ready to eat shrimps. You will find the best shrimps at the morning time.

Chocolate delight: Chocolate delight is also the must try food. It is completely made of chocolates with some cake inside it. You will easily find it in the streets of the Albania or at the beach side café.

Byrek Mangalemi:  The name may sound funny but this dish is very tasty and is not available at all the restaurants. It is a special dish of mangalemi restaurant and it is actually a savory pie. It is made of Cottage cheese, pumpkin, potato and a lemon.

Drinks: You cannot end your day in Albania without drinks. These are very famous and the major dink is Grape brandy Rakia Drunk. They are serve before supper as an appetizer. In fact it is the national drink of Albania.

Beaches you must visit in Albania

Bunec beach:  Bunec beach is a famous beach in Albania. It sand is totally pale and pebbly but still it has some charm. The beach has cool water in it where can enjoy swimming and you will not find rush here even at summer time. It is surrounded with a number of café where you can have best and fresh sea food at anytime.

Borsh beach: Borsh beach is the widest beach in Albania and it is stretched almost 7 kms. It gives you the best scenario as all the travelers need to from coastal road. It is basically a small village that is not too tourism developed but here you can get the best view of the mountains and other natural beauty.

Himara Beach: Himara is also a small and beautiful village and is surrounded with Jala Beach. It is mostly populated with Greeks and is the best pace to do all the beach activities. The beach is really quite and is best for doing scuba diving, banana riding, paragliding, skiing and other water activities. In fact in Himara there are some other beaches also such as Livadhia. It is a wide beach with white stones in it.  Again, it is surrounded with rolling hills and is best for doing swimming.

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