• Sunday , 20 October 2019

The Delights of the West Country


The West Country refers to the south west of England, which encompasses the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, and Bristol. The spectacular scenery in this part of England makes it a magnet for tourists, both domestic and foreign, with many that come year after year, and never tire of the amazing beauty. If you are going to explore this delightful region, a self-driving holiday is the best way, with many camp sites and caravan parks for convenient stops.

The Right Vehicle

Modern campervans are truly amazing, fitted out with just about everything you could possibly need for a holiday on the road, and if you are looking to buy motorhomes in the UK, there are online suppliers with an extensive range of used motorhomes at very affordable prices. In the past decade, the sale of motorhomes has risen dramatically, as more and more people are drawn to the freedom of the open road. Buying second hand is preferred, as the depreciation on a new vehicle is rather a lot.

Devon and Cornwall

The two counties that border the English Channel, and with the best climate in the British Isles, many holidaymakers head for this region, especially in the summer months. Winding coastal roads lead to Torquay, where the spectacular beaches seem to go on forever, and further down the coast you will find Land’s End, which is the southernmost tip of the British Isles. This beautiful stretch of coastline has many historical sites, with amazing hikes and bike trails, so make sure you take your foldaway bicycle, otherwise you can hire locally.

A Unique Culture

The West coast of England is steeped in history, with the naval ports of Plymouth and Portsmouth, and the area also has a history of mining. Arriving in this part of the country is a little bit like going abroad, as the local dialect takes some getting used to, but the friendly disposition of the locals makes the West Country a very popular region in June, July, and August, which are the peak summer months.


Motorhome Friendly

The West Country is the ideal place for a self-driving holiday, with so many campsites and caravan parks where you can stop for the night, and all with full facilities. You might want to make a booking if you plan to go in the high season, as the sites are often booked up.

Good Infrastructure

You can drive from London, west on the M4 Motorway, which takes you right into the West Country, and the roads are very good in this part of the country, although they can be a little narrow when you get off the beaten track, and don’t be alarmed if you have to sit it out for a few minutes, while herds of dairy cows cross the road. There are maps of the area freely available to tourists, and with quaint tea and scone shops, you can enjoy the traditional foods in comfort.

The West Country is by far the most popular region for tourists, and with so much to see and do, people return year after year to sample the unique landscape and culture of this enchanting part of England.

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