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Top Reasons for Non-Muslims to Eat in a Halal Restaurant

Halal food is often thought to be only for Muslims, as it is prepared in accordance to Islamic practices and traditions. Indeed, if you are going to eat halal food, you are not just eating a meal that has specific ingredients but it complies with faith-based requisites.

But halal food is for everyone, not only for Muslims. In fact, even non-Muslims may enjoy eating halal food. So yes, if you’re not Muslim but are looking for something new to try on your next food trip, then you should definitely spend time eating in Halal restaurants in Singapore.

So why exactly should you go for halal food? Here are the reasons to consider:

  1. Halal is relatively healthier

Indeed, halal dining involves a lot of ingredients, but it still is relatively healthier than non-halal dishes. This is not necessarily because halal cooking does not include pork and alcohol, but more on the selection of the ingredients to be used on the dishes.

Halal cooks make it a point to be selective of their ingredients, especially the meat and fresh produce. They get their key ingredients from trusted suppliers who likewise in follow halal requisites, thus you are in a way assured that you are getting a plate of freshly picked goodies for your meal.Image result for Top Reasons for Non-Muslims to Eat in a Halal Restaurant

  1. Halal food makes use of various spices

One thing about halal food is that it does not heavily rely on the natural flavours of the meat it uses on its dishes. Rather, it uses a wide array of spices to give the dish a signature taste. If you may notice, halal markets have their own spice stores, where cooks may shop for almost every type of seasoning they can use on their dishes.

You will also encounter these spices not just on main course meals, but even on desserts, as these spices complement the sweetness of the dish with a unique aftertaste.

  1. Halal food is perfect for those who want to avoid rice

Another interesting feature of halal food (the traditional Arabic halal cooking in this context) is that it does not include rice in its dishes. Halal dishes make use of bread, such as pita bread as a complement to its strong entrees, similar to that in shawarma.

Aside from pita, you may also want to be served with couscous, which are small semolina balls that are steamed and topped with various types of entrees.

There are some restaurants that offer other starch options in their dishes, such as potatoes.Image result for Top Reasons for Non-Muslims to Eat in a Halal Restaurant

  1. Halal cooking covers various cuisines.

You may not realize it right away, but halal cooking actually covers a lot of cuisines from different countries, not just Arabic. You may stumble upon dishes that hail from Morocco, Tunisia, Spain, Indonesia, and Malaysia, among others.

If you are after tasting the flavours of the world without having to actually go around the globe, then spending time at halal restaurants in Singapore would prove to be almost the same thing.

  1. Yogurt. Lots and lots of yogurt

If you are a big fan of yogurt, then halal food would definitely do you favours. Some entrees and curries make use of yogurt for their sauce rather than milk, while there are beverages and desserts that are made entirely of yogurt. There are also restaurants that serve yogurt as a side dish, or as a dip or a drink.

Yogurt is a favourite among health buffs, and if you happen to share the same passion for diet and fitness, then visiting a halal diner that offers yogurt is totally worth a try.



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