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Top Things to do in Myanmar

Myanmar boasts a very distinctive charm to the rest of the world. It is a wonderful place to delve into the thousands of pagodas, temples and undoubtedly, one of the best countries to enjoy the hospitality of Asia.  Myint, a tour guide from Mandalay introduces his personal tips of where to visit in this country in the next coming year including famous destinations and hidden treasures:

Shwedagon Pagoda
It is not boasting if someone says your travel to Myanmar is incomplete without visiting Shwedagon pagoda. This is so far the biggest pagoda in the country, inherited long history dated back to the 6th century, enshrining Buddha relics.


Photographers come here to spot the sundowner reflecting through the golden spires while in the evening the whole pagoda complex dominates the skyline of Yangon city by its golden flash.
Spend at least 1 day for a Yangon City Tour for any trip to Myanmar.

Inle Lake
Expanding over 22km in a lush valley of Shan State, Inle Lake is home to unique over-water villages and the exotic life of Inthar people. All visitors come to Inle get surprise seeing fishermen navigating their wooden boat by one leg – the only place on earth to see this.
Inle has so many things to lure tourists: incredible floating garden,  fascinating traditional work including making cigar and lotus silk.

Imagine a place where you are haunted by over 2,500 pagodas stood in a sacred plain since 11th century, that is Bagan !
There are certain reasons why Bagan draw all travel inspiration as it is an ancient capital, holding some of the most secret stories of Burma Kingdom.
One of the greatest way to appreciate the beauty of Bagan is to effort a balloon ride to catch sunrise while taking a cruise on Irrawaddy River and bike along the unknown villages brings you a very special feeling that no guide book mentioned.

Mrauk U
Another archeological site in Myanmar, Mrauk U is the capital of Rakhine State appearing on the tourist map is a less known treasure. No one can resist exploring the old, faded royal palace as well Shittuang Monastery once you step in the world of Mrauk U.
As a mountainous area, Mrauk U is also home to the famous tattooed faced hill tribes who settle their life near the border. Their conservative tradition remains a big allure for all photographers and by visiting them, you will be amongst the few travelers who can see them as this tradition is about to vanish.

Myeik Archipelago

Your life time experience will surely places here :Myeik and its 800 islands. Though discovering Myeikrequires some effort and it is expensive, the compensation is so huge.
For 5 days ocean safari, you will traverse rugged mountains, splendid islands with private beaches, untamed waves, and diverse marine system and meet friendly Mogok Gypsies.
There are only 5 star rating for all the reviews from vacationers who already see the wild of Mergui, kayaking through its pristine, emerald waters.

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