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Spain is included in the list of the top destinations that one should visit in a lifetime as it offers bountiful things to see and do for everyone. It comprises 50 provinces and 17 autonomous regions and at least 5 languages being spoken throughout the country. Whatever you want to try out and experience like visiting historical sights, deeper awareness to their vibrant culture and traditions, soaking up under the heat of the sun, sampling their cuisines to partying all night, in Spain, you can do it all. As you fly to this country, make use of flightstatus24 to track your flights. It is one of the popular flight tracking systems allowing the users to be aware of sudden changes on the flight as well as detailed information about the aircraft as such speed and altitude to name a few. And to turn your travel dreams into reality, we’ve listed here the most popular things to do in Spain to jumpstart your imagination for your upcoming vacation.


The construction of this massive cathedral that’s dedicated to the Holy Family, started in 1882. Until now, is not yet finished. As the legend says, if Gaudi’s masterpiece is ever completed, the world will then end, the main reason why it’s taking too long to finish this spectacular structure. This is a must-visit sight here in Spain. This breathtaking cathedral is open daily, though certain restrictions apply whenever the mass is on-going. Remember to dress appropriately when visiting churches. A ticket to the cathedral is available online at around USD 19 and there’s an additional cost if you want an audio guide plus the chance to go to the top of the cathedral’s tower. The best time to visit is around mid-morning or before sunset.


This is also known as the King’s little pathway located in the province of Malaga. If you’re up for an adventure, then be ready to traverse the 3-kilometer walk and over 100 meters above the gorge floor below. It’s originally built as a route for workers as they go to the nearby hydroelectric power plant. If you’re interested to traverse the Caminito, tickets are available online and costs around USD 12. The best time to go here is early in the morning to avoid the mid-day Mediterranean sun. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water.


Be sure to eat the Spanish authentic tapas and discover the difference to the one you’re trying out at home or to other restaurants. Don’t worry, almost every restaurants and bar in Spain will serve tapas. Here, there’s a traditional way of serving food, which means cover or lid. This will allow you to sample various serving of dishes, together with a glass of traditional sangria. And also, try out the calamari, churros, or patatas bravas. You’ll surely enjoy the experience of sharing food the Spanish way. The best time to visit the restaurant is around 10 pm to go eat like a local since Spanish like to eat late.


Aside from spending your Spain vacation on the beach, or by visiting the historic landmarks, why not head outdoors and hike the Picos de Europa. It’ll be an adventure of a lifetime.  The highlights of this adventure include the mountain range, some of Europe’s deepest caves like the Torca del Cerro. After this activity, try out the famous Cabrales cheese which is popular on this Spain’s northern coast.


In Spain, dancing is one of the essential parts of their various traditional celebrations since they love to party a lot. One of these is the Flamenco which is also known as the icon of Spanish life. It can be spotted throughout Spain mainly on bars and restaurants. You can also try this out as they allowed visitors to experience Flamenco. Some of the bigger hotels and resorts are offering lessons for this while others prefer to just watch how professionals do their thing. If you want to know more about the Flamenco culture, it is recommended that you head over to Seville.


This festival originated in Bunol near Valencia where the residents are known for throwing tomatoes for this fiesta. It is a giant food fight which involves the usage of tomato or locally known as La Tomatina. It begins the evening before the actual fiesta with a paella fest, followed by the event itself as the streets are filled with people with tomatoes on hand. This takes place on the last Wednesday of August. If you’re planning to throw tomatoes at strangers or witness this festival, be sure to book in advance.


Madrid, the capital of Spain is where the museums can be found namely the Museo del Prado, the Museo Nacional Centrode Arte Reina Sofia, and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. It houses the astonishing collection of Spanish and European work of art including the famous Picasso’s Guernica. For those art enthusiasts, Madrid is a paradise. You can spend here a day or two to explore the elegant and historic center. For you to see the highlights of each museum, you can purchase or join an artistic tour of the city which is inclusive of entrance fees


What’s famous in Alhambra is the giant fortress that can be found in the city of Granada. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was built in 889 A.D., and current structures include the complex of palaces and fortifications. Its strategic locations offer a spectacular view from the ramparts. Be sure to allow at least a day to see it properly. The entrance fee is around 19 USD and this fortress fully opens between March and October.


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