• Wednesday , 18 July 2018

Tourists Love To Explore the Hidden Mysteries of India Tour Packages

Why is India the most popular tourist place in the world? Does your mind also ask the same question when the topic is regarding the best holiday destinations around the world. India is one of the oldest countries in the world which is famous for its heritage and culture. Tourists love to travel around the cities of India; they love to explore the untold stories of different unknown places.

According to the foreign tourists, India can be considered as a country full of mysteries. Every time they visit, they found some new facts about the country. Nowadays India tour is very easy with the help of some Private India Tours. These packages include every kind of basic needs like accommodations, sightseeing, and food facilities. But before going, on the India tour, it is interesting to know certain attractive facts regarding the India:-

  • Food

Indian foods have earned their own reputation around the world as in every country, Indian food is available. In India, the food varies from state to state. Suppose Bengali food is popularly known for their sweets, Rajasthani food is known for its rich and spicy taste, Tamil people love spicy food, idlis, and dosas, in Hyderabad, spicy biriyani is very famous, the Punjabis are known for their cool lassi. Like this, each and every state has its own originality regarding the taste of food.

  • Festivals and Cultures –

In India, around 300 festivals are celebrated in a year with great joy. There are some national festivals which are celebrated across the whole country like Holi, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas etc. But apart from these national festivals, there are various regional festivals which are celebrated in different states as per their culture and tradition. Like, Baisakhi is one of the most important festivals of Punjab, In Kerala, Pongal is their main festival. Like this, every state has their own traditional festivals, which are highly appreciated by the tourists.

These are some of the basic attractive features which attract the tourists from every corner of the World famous trip experience to book India Tour Packages. This is unforgettable and special moment for your Life.

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