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Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel – Enjoy a Travel of a Lifetime

If you are amazed with the beauty of Indochina, try spending your holiday on Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel. With these places, you can be assured that you will enjoy a travel of a lifetime.


There are many reasons why Cambodia is considered as the top destination in Southeast Asia. It’s close to Thailand and features one of the best wonders in the world, which is Angkor. The beaches like Kompong Som are par against the high regional standard. It’s less crowded in South Vietnam and better in Thailand.


Getting around Cambodia can be a major pain and there isn’t too much to do of real interest that other countries cannot offer. However, once you have witnessed the beauty of Angkor, you would never want to leave the place. For those who do not know, Angkor is basically a collection of temples found in Northwest Cambodia. The biggest and most iconic is Angkor Wat.


At present, it is known as the hippest destination of Asia. From the city of Beijing to Islamabad, Laos is always being whispered among backpackers as void of tourist, fantastic, and esoteric destination. If you like to see Laos, you have to spend effort and time getting to hill tribe areas in the north. The reason behind it is that since tourists were only allowed in 1989, you’ll be something of a novelty and have a chance to see the real Southeast Asia. All in all, Laos is a great destination, especially if you visit Luang Prabang.


Who would not want to go to Vietnam? This beautiful country was already featured a lot of times in movies. Currently, it’s full of backpacker crowds and there are numerous package tours being offered. That is why travelers won’t find a hard time visiting this country. From islands to rice terraces, the rich culture of Vietnam will surely amaze you. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the top choices of travelers when visiting Southeast Asia because the locals are very friendly. Plus, their delicacies are something you won’t find at some countries.

If your vacation is only good for several days, you may choose either Vietnam Cambodia Laos Tour 18 days or Vietnam Cambodia Laos Tour 16 days. It is always a good idea to consider a package tour instead of organizing your itineraries on your own.


There are many benefits of considering a guided tour or a private tour. Whatever your travel preferences are, you can be assured that your chosen travel agency will meet all your needs. A travel agency like Viet Bamboo Travel will give you freedom to choose the places you want to visit. Just give them the list of what you want to visit or see and they will make sure that you’ll experience nothing but the best. So, prepare all your things today and discover how you can benefit from a guided tour around the different places in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

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