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What Are the Awesome Things to Do in Bandung?

It will always be a very great idea for you to spend your leisure time by visiting Bandung city in Indonesia. The reason why you have to take a vacation in Bandung is because this city can offer you the various options of awesome things to do when you are in Bandung. So then, you will never run out of fun things every time you spend your holiday there. Well, what are actually the awesome things to do in bandung? In case you really want to find out the answers, it will be nicer for you to keep reading below!

Then, here are the numerous awesome things to do in bandung that you can choose for your perfect holiday, such as:

  • Walking around at the live crater of Tangkuban Perahu

 One of the most awesome things that you have to do when you go to Bandung is walking around at the live crater of Tangkuban Perahu which you can reach after 2 hours driving from the city. This particular spot will show you the mesmerizing scenery that can please your eyes so well. It is because of the perfect combination of the green trees, the mountain, and the crater. Besides, you can also find so many friendly sellers that can offer you the artistic handcrafts, street food, and many more. All of them can be best gifts you can bring back home for your beloved family and friends.

  • Visiting the beautiful Dusun Bambu

Moreover, the other thing that you can do when you come to Bandung city is visiting the beautiful Dusun Bambu which is located in Cisarua, West Bandung. This wonderful place will be the most right place especially for you who really want to feel the chill and calm nuance. There are the relaxing café and the man-made lake that can really give you the comfortable nuance that you will love so much. Not only that, there is also the hanging nest which become the unique spot where you can enjoy your meals cozily as the cool air blows from the mountain touch your skin.

  • Watching the angklung show at Saung Angklung Udjo

Furthermore, watching the angklung show at Saung Angklung Udjo is such a marvelous thing to do when you visit Banding city. It is because this place will show you the extraordinary artistic performance of angklung (a traditional Sundanese music instrument made of bamboo). The melodious sound of the angklung can make you feel the notable relief and happiness somehow. Additionally, you can also get involved in the handcraft workshop when you visit the place, so that you can find out more about the Sundanese culture in the fun way.

In conclusion, those are some of the awesome things to do in bandung that you cannot miss at all. All of them will be the fascinating activities that you will never forget so easily. Otherwise, they can really make you feel the fabulous experiences during your holiday. So, it is n wonder if you will always want to come to the city again and again every time you have a spare time.

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