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What Is Needed to Become a Tech in Avionics or Aviation Electronics

Aviation electronics is reference to the systems of electronics in use by aircraft as well as spaceship to uphold flight safety. If you have an interest in aircraft repair or engineering this might be the career path for you. Many schools offer Aviation Management degrees can be found by a search of the internet.

Aviation electronics is referred to as avionics and plays a large role in flying especially with space flight being a subject that is being talked about often. Many of the functions in military craft, space shuttles as well as commercial planes reply on electronic systems that are complex. They are systems that composed computers, sensors, display panels and more. These are the systems created with both passenger safety as well as cost effectiveness in mind.

Interesting facts

In the year 2014 the salary for an avionics technician was $56,910 so adding 5 years, that salary has only become more. Job Outlook for 2012-2022, 2% of all new jobs will be for avionics technicians. FAA certification is preferred. Similar occupations that can lead from this include:

  • Electronics engineering technician
  • Electrician
  • Electro-mechanical technician
  • Computer repair specialist
  • Auto service technicians

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) state that both avionics techs and engineers require formal education in most cases. For a career in engineering, you might be able to get an entry-level position with a 4-year degree.

Master’s Degree

In avionics or aeronautical engineering however, having a master’s degree is normally needed for advancement and it might be required to obtain teaching and research positions. Avionics tech in more cases pursues their education through an FFA certified aircraft maintenance program. These programs want students to become FAA-certified mechanics in a Federal Aviation Administration certified aircraft maintenance program. These programs will prepare student to become FAA-certified mechanics.

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