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What to Eat in Bali

Wonderful Indonesia

Bali has the most unique flavor among other Indonesian cuisines. Compared to the meals in most other areas of Indonesia, Balinese cuisine is super exceptional. If you love porks, then you can have plenty of dishes from it in Bali.

Since there are so many to foods to try and so many restaurants to visit, you’ll need to narrow your list to the most excellent meals that are authentic and spots to enjoy them. Below are our recommendations on what to eat in Bali.


For a unique Balinese take, try Sate Lilit–ground meat blended with spices along with basa gede, then grilled on a lemongrass stalk.

Babi Guling

Babi Guling or suckling pig is a pork dish roasted and turned over a fire, is the most famous Balinese dish. It was reserved for special occasions, but it has turned into a restaurant dish, so today their teeth can sink in it. You’ve never had roasted pork if you haven’t tried Babi Guling! The dish is served with rice, beans, and crispy pork skin. The best thing is that the meat is mouthwateringly tender!

Gado Gado

This one is for the vegetarian foodies! Gado Gado is tempeh and tofu salad with veggies an iconic peanut sauce. From time to time, eggs and shrimp paste to make an appearance, but they do not need to. (Ensure the chef doesn’t utilize the dried fish glue if you’re vegetarian; also ask to skip the eggs if you’re vegan).


It’s time to please both the duck and chicken fans. To make Betutu, duck or chicken is full of Java gede (or chiles and garlic), then slowly roasted in coconut tree bark or banana leaves. The duck version is called Bebek Betutu, although the chicken version (shown above) is popularly known as Ayam Betutu. If you are opting for the duck, you better plan ahead! The best Bebek Betutu must be cooked so you might need to order beforehand!

Nasi Campur

That means you can’t decide what to order? Opt for blended rice or the Nasi Campur, and you are going to get a little bit of everything! You are going to get a spoonful of rice and tiny portions of proteins like chicken, fish, pork, tempeh, and tofu. At several restaurants, those proteins become selected for you, but at certain warungs (street food vendors), you will have to choose your own Nasi Campur experience!



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