• Sunday , 7 June 2020

Where To Spend Your Free Day In Washington DC

Washington, D.C. offers much more than politics and monuments for tourists who want to roam the city. If you have ESTA VISA authorization, you can visit the place and explore the many options, as there is something for everyone.

Here are some top picks to go to during your free day in Washington, D.C.

The John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center

The J.F.K. Center is a magnificent beauty from outside to inside. Once you have your ESTA permit, head to this iconic performing arts center located on the Potomac River banks. Edward Durrell Stone designed the center, which is truly an honor to John F. Kennedy.

The halls of this modern marvel are filled with crystal chandeliers, red carpets, and state flags. The place also has a rooftop terrace restaurant, wherein you can watch the sunset as you dine and wine.

The Anthem

Located at the center of The Wharf, The Anthem is a famous concert venue. If you want to catch a show after obtaining your USA ESTA, this is the place to be considering its crowd capacity. It can hold up 6,000 people and has an enormous stage to fit in the needs of the event.

The Anthem has always been busy ever since it opened with the Foo Fighters show. For the entire year, there are various notable music acts performing for the audience.

Georgetown University

A free day in D.C. would not be complete without visiting Georgetown University. Constructed in 1789, Georgetown University is where everything has started.

This historic educational institution is the oldest Jesuit and Catholic University in the country. Explore the impressive campus with its Georgian and Gothic structures either alone or with a group tour.

Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

It is one of the unique places in Washington, D.C., with its unconventional productions and stripped-down appeal. The Woolly Mammoth is a courtyard-style theater with a capacity of 265 seats.

The mission of Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company is to cater to diverse audiences and artists, engaging them in innovative ways. No wonder the plays there are usually early productions or world premieres. The place also supports commission playwrights.

Eastern Market

For the USA VISA holders, the go-to venue for buying a variety of food items is the Eastern Market. It has baked goods, meat, and fresh produce. There are also handmade crafts for both visitors and locals to buy.

Also, the Flea Market on 7 Street NE of the Eastern Market is the place for buying collectibles and antiques. If you want to eat food, head to the Market Lunch for a delicious meal.

There are many more interesting places to spend your day in Washington, D.C. Make sure you have the right travel documents with you.

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