• Saturday , 18 January 2020

Which are the best Spain & Portugal Escorted Tours?

Visiting Spain and Portugal these holidays? Here is all that you want to know right from your exited start of the trip to the memory-filled departure from those beautiful destinations. You can plan a wonderful vacation keeping these small pointers in mind. The checklists about what all you can expect there and what wonder lies ahead for you are mentioned here. Happy travelling.

A traveller, who is on a trip around the Iberian Peninsula, is always in awe about the striking beauty and beautiful landscapes that the wealthy nations of Spain and Portugal behold. Thus, crossing the area between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic coasts, one is sure to witness some magnificent architectural structure and well-maintained museums. Here are some aspects that are included in the various Escorted Spain and Portugal Tours especially for travellers travelling by train.

  1. Cool destinations

Mostly all the travel agencies concentrate on the larger cities while showing around, to foreign visitors. While sightseeing around Spain, one is sure to visit Madrid and Barcelona that are situated in Andalucía that lies in the southern part of the country where the halt is at either Sevilla or Granada. Similarly, Cordoba, Malaga and Valencia may also be counted worth sightseeing. In the Mediterranean area, going to Toledo, Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela from Madrid and north in Portugal make an excellent tour. Similarly, Lisbon and Evora make a cool place to visit if travellers interested in ancient ruins. Porto is also a great place as it is famous for its port wines manufacture.

  1. Tour providers

All tour operators arrange fun trips through Spain and Portugal usually arrange grand and swanky hotels and inns for its clients that include great lodging and elaborate meals. The tourists can experience the wild flavours of the tapas, the friendly affectionate locals and the masterpieces like Dali, Gaudi and Picasso. The world famous wines offered by the Iberian Peninsula along with the much popular salted charcoal grilled fish and soft baked bread are always in demand here. In the same context, the Fado music and Flamenco in Spain are an added attraction that speaks volumes about both the nations.

  1. Tours with themes

The tourists visiting the Spain Portugal belt have great options to indulge in regarding the planning of their trip. The tour operators have added more adventure and thrill to the whole concept by making the trips, theme oriented. The trips are greatly focussed on making the art, gastronomy and glorious history of the Spain Portugal regions famous worldwide and that people know the cultural and geographical elements of the place from a more closer and detailed viewpoint. The escorted tours are specifically based on the Parador and pousada networks.

To sum up, it may be stated that while travelling for a memorable trip around the Spain Portugal belt, trains are a very good and safe option as the fast and slow both are easily available and the experience is really effective and easy. Hence, with proper planning and packing, travellers visiting these nations have a gala time exploring and making memories all the way.

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