• Saturday , 18 January 2020

Wine Lovers Congregate in the Hunter Valley

If you are a wine lover, the natural place to visit whilst on holiday is the Hunter Valley in Australia. You might say that the Hunter Valley is a sort of wine capital as everyone who loves the beverage congregates there. Even if you do not frequently drink wine, you will grow an appreciation for the area.


A Memorable and Scenic View

With that being said, it still is a fact that wine is at the heart of the lifestyle in the valley. Whilst you will visit a good many cellar doors, you will also be happy to note that there is no shortage of interesting activities. One of the excursions you will want to make is up the Pokolbin Mountains Road. Turn at Robyn Drayton’s corner to see a scenic and memorable view of the wine region.

A Favourite Destination

If you hire a four-wheel drive and you are more adventurous, you might choose to drive to The Rock, which is a destination that involves turning onto State Forest Road at the head of Pokolbin Mountains Road. The Rock is a favourite location of first-time visitors.

Hunter Valley Concerts

You might also want to arrange your holiday so you can take in one of the Hunter Valley’s concerts. Concerts are regularly scheduled that feature both large and small events and cover a number of musical genres including classical opera, rock-and-roll, and R&B. Combine the event with a trip to Mount Pleasant for a wine sampling.

Hunter Valley Cottages

You can book one of the Hunter Valley holiday rentals in the region when making your plans as well. Rentals are designed with all kinds of travellers in mind. Some of the buildings are charming cottages that sleep from two to six guests. As noted, the rental you choose depends on the number in your travelling party.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

One of the most interesting ways to experience the area is inside a hot air balloon. Time your balloon ride during sunset or sunrise. The view of the area is as memorable as it is beautiful. If you are planning a trip to the valley, don’t overlook this unique activity. Normally, balloons travel over Mount Pleasant.

The Hunter Valley Gardens

Another must-see place is the Hunter Valley Gardens. The eight-kilometre walk around the gardens goes past around 6,000 trees. You can see some spectacular views in this venue too. However, that does not mean you will not need some therapy in the form of shopping. Visit the Hunter Valley Gardens Village and visit a wide range of boutique shops.


The Hunter Valley is also home to about as many golf courses as it is to wineries and wine cellars. You have a number of championship courses from which to choose to play golf. Besides wine, you also want to savour the region’s cheeses. The Hunter Valley Cheese Factory is a nice stopover to break up a day visiting the cellar doors. The Factory features a range of preservative-free and handmade cheeses for both tasting and purchase.

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