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Cenotes: Tulum Has a Few Fantastic Ones

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Some people love cenotes, and they visit different parts of the world to watch cenotes. Mexico has lots of underground water reservoirs, and in Tulum, you are going to find a few of the most beautiful cenotes of Mexico. So, either you plan to visit Tulum for a tour, or you want to visit Tulum for cenotes, in both ways, don’t miss the cenotes mentioned below. Book a ticket to Cancun online, book your hotel, and also don’t forget to book Cancun airport Transportation by eTransfers, your transport will be waiting for you in the airport, as well as will take you to your hotel safely.

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  • Cenote Suytun

Among the most effective points to do near Tulum is to go to cenote Suytan. When I visited Suytun, it was extremely crowded, as well as the water was cold because of it being inside a Tulum Cave. Yet, I still got among one of the most beautiful images ultimately, so no regrets! You are additionally required to wear a life vest in the water, so keep that in mind.

Also, we were fortunate to witness some pretty cool balancing in the cavern. They do not generally do the balancing daily, as they were just taking pictures for promotion. Please keep in mind that you require a vehicle to reach this cenote because it is around a distance of two hours from Tulum, Mexico.

  • Cenote San Lorenzo Oxman

One of the best parts of our tour in Tulum! I enjoyed Cenote Lorenzo Oxman. For reaching there, you are going to require a guide or car rental. The cenote is at a distance of around one hour from Tulum. And if you can get here early and have the whole location all to yourselves! Yup, that is what we did. We got there around 8-9 am and turned into the water, as well as swam for a couple of hours.

Ultimately, we went to the upstairs, as well as had our lunch sitting next to a swimming pool, and that’s not all, the lunch was an authentic Yucatan. It was a blast; trust me.

  • Dos Ojos Cenote

Dos Ojos was my second favored cenote. The water was hugely blue, as well as I liked the cave formations. This is additionally a fantastic place to go for diving. There are a lot of amazing hidden caverns to discover. Please remember that two different cenotes are there at that location. Make sure to see both of them.

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