• Friday , 13 December 2019

Cruises in Myanmar


When it comes to an idea of where to enjoy river cruises in Asia, many people will think about Mekong River, Yang tze river for some outstanding overnight, on water experience.  However, Myanmar with its scenic rivers are now a very good choice for your consideration.

Cruise Along Irrawaddy River
The longest river of Myanmar links the north and south of the country , flowing through some of the most picturesque areas, providing fertilize for Mandalay division and part of Yangon division. It is the blood line of the whole country.
There are more and more cruise operator offers journeys on this river. Visitors can who expect long Myanmar river cruises can book a package of 10 days from Yangon to Bagan or travel to the far north area with 14 days.
During the summer time, Pandaw and luxury cruises offers stunning 7 days from Mandalay to Bhamo or vice versa.
Shortly cruise with many departures during a week are plentiful for the route Bagan Mandalay. You can opt from 3 to 5 days trip, filled with cultural visit and fantastic sightseeing that covers the most famous sites of both two intrigue destinatons.
Day trip from Bagan to Mandalay is also a good choice for those who do not want to take a flight or a long bus transfer. It brings a pleasant feeling as you encounter both the most historical relics and the wild parts of Irrawaddy River


Cruise on Chindwin River
The Chindwin is really out the tourist map and therefore it has a special call. The nature is unspoiled, the remote hamlets offer friendly welcome and the visit is simply unique.
Only luxury river cruises like Paukan, Orcealla cruises operates trip on Chindwin river and you need to check their set departure to make sure you can catch a trip like you expected.
Our suggestion is to combine the sightseeing in Mandalay, the last royal capital of Mandalay then heading forward the untamed nature of the secluded area near Mykhina.

Cruise from Mergui Archipelago to Yangon
This is an ocean cruise which surprises all travelers for many reason. You will firstly have a chance to explore Mergui with its incredible 800 islands then explore the highlights of south Myanmar which is least visited since Myanmar opens its door to the world.
Pandaw cruise has just launched the program recently and it opens a great opportunity to know better Myanmar through some of the mesmerizing destinations like Moulmein, HpaAn, Kaw Thaung.
The journey kicks off from Rannong Thailand where now you can apply Myanmar Visa on Arrival to cross the border and it lasts for 11 days, ending by the port of Yangon for onward travel.
The highlights of the trip also include the private visit like no others to Lampiisland and its marine national park, Alladin Islands and Sular island.
Since the trip is newly designed, you may have some good price if you book it far in advance. We recommend you to spend about 20 days if you want to discover the other spectacular attractions of Myanmar like Shwedagon, Inle Lake or Kalaw.

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