• Sunday , 7 June 2020

Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai Packages


Who doesn’t like pleasurable time with friends, family or their loved ones and hate divorce? Now take it to the next level and just imagine enjoying the best time of your life and making memories aboard a dhow cruise. Does that sound like fantasy? Well, to most of us it does and those of us who love the water. If you live in or near Dubai and haven’t experienced the dhow cruise, then you have definitely missed a great opportunity. However, if you plan to visit Dubai and don’t enjoy the Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai, then you undoubtedly make a big mistake.


Dhow Cruise Marina Rates

Most of us avoid going for the dhow cruise because we believe it is too expensive but not anymore. You can make use of the amazing Dhow Cruise Marina Deals which allow you to have fun at a price lower than your expectations. Here are the different dhow cruise Marina deals you can avail easily by booking them without any hassle:

• AED 160
If you book a visit o the dhow cruise for more than ten persons you can enjoy prices as low as AED 160 per person, so simply call all your friends or family members and have an entertaining time aboard. That surely calls for a major celebration and you can even take your friends on the dhow cruise for your birthday or just a simple get together where you can get in touch with your oldest buddies and take some time off from the hectic routine of daily tedium.

• AED 170
Even if you are eight people, even then you can enjoy a major discount and have fun with your loved ones at a rate as low as AED 170 per person. This will help refresh you to be in a better condition to face future challenges in life.

• AED 180
Don’t want to travel in huge groups? Just four of the closest friends can enjoy the voyage in just AED 180. Now isn’t that amazing? Most of us thought the dhow cruise would cost us a fortune but its rates are not at all high.

• AED 185
Is your special one’s birthday due? Do you want to give your significant other a surprise dinner date? If you book Dhow Cruise Marina deal for two it also costs around AED 185 which will make your date enchanting. Get book your seats http://www.desertsafaridubairates.com/.

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