• Friday , 3 April 2020

Grand Gorge Chopper Tours from Vegas During Labor Day

There is no better place than Vegas to create off on the Grand Gorge helicopter tour. Labor Day marks the finish of summer time vacation time, which is even the last three day weekend of the season. There is no better method to celebrate compared to going for a helicopter tour from the gorge.

Air Around Free Airline Rim

Vegas is nearest towards the West Rim from the Grand Gorge, that is just 125 miles away. The Vegas helicopters fly over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead in order to the gorge, in most, it takes approximately forty-five minutes to obtain there.


Free Airline Rim may be the only devote the gorge where helicopters can fly towards the gorge floor, so that you can take air-only or landing tours there. The aerial tours offer spectacular breathtaking sightseeing, and they’re less expensive compared to landing tours. However, the landing tours have a flyover too, and several fun adventures once you land on the top from the rim or around the gorge floor.

One tour to think about taking may be the bottom landing champagne picnic tour. That one will give you right within the gorge, permitting you to view the gorgeous rock walls from an position that couple of reach experience. You can even supplement this having a riverboat ride around the Colorado River, or the entire experience, include a high landing, and go for a walk around the transparent Skywalk that’s suspended 1000’s of ft over the gorge below.


About Luxurious Air Tours

Purchasing your tour on the internet is the best way to discover the cheapest cost, and you will will also get to choose from a fundamental or luxurious tour before you purchase. While you’ll enjoy yourself on the fundamental tour too, you should know they fly on older style traditional helicopters. The luxurious tours tend to be more comfortable, so gradually alter book one for the Labor Day trip.

Luxurious tours make use of the more recent EcoStar 130 chopper. This high end machine has bigger viewing home windows, a 180 degree breathtaking car windows, a bigger cabin, along with a seating plan that’s been made to provide unobstructed sights to everybody aboard. These helicopters also depart from the Strip, and tickets have a complimentary limousine shuttle. While you will need to pay more for any luxurious helicopter tour, it’s well worth the expense.

Purchase Your Tour Online

The 2015 Labor Day weekend is almost here, so don’t delay purchasing your tour, because the Vegas plane tickets are extremely popular. This can make sure you get to fly at the time you would like, when you want. Additionally, it is cheaper to purchase your tour online because you can bypass charges added on with a tour operator. Just choose your tour, pay having a charge card, and you will get confirmation from the time and date of the tour.


A helicopter tour is really a unique and fun method to celebrate the final lengthy weekend from the summer time. Make sure to book your seats when you are able to before it sells out, and purchase it online to avoid wasting money. You will have several options whenever you book your tour, so that you can personalize your vacation to make sure an incredible trip to America’s famous natural landmark.

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