• Tuesday , 31 March 2020

How to buy pizzas on a discount!

Whether you are a toppings person, or a crust person – Montreal has a whole lot of reasons to treat the pizza lover in you! The mushrooming of the pizza places have led to confused state of mind when it comes to selecting the right pizza and the outlet. As you ride through various streets, you shall find the streets flooded with new pizza places. Amidst all the pricey pizzas and taste of authentic pizzas, the Double Pizza special offers and fine taste stands out in the crowd.

Buying pizzas for MRP are so 2012, its time to make use of your smart skills to order the best of pizzas for less the price! Here are some special offers that customers are entitled too at popular pizza joints in Montreal!

Buy 1 Get 1

Most of the pizzerias around the world host at least one day of the week dedicated to the Buy 1 get 1 free offer on pizzas. This is in lieu of giving back to the loyal customers and luring in new customers to the pizzeria. The offer is one of the most famous and widely chosen one leaving the pizzerias out of stock on the selected days.

Discounted deals

A pizza bought for discount makes a day happy! And there is no wonder that wherever we get a cheap deal for pizzas – the orders are placed. On a general, pizza places host a discount of 20% on their pizzas and more so when the payment methods are the ones that the place has tied up with. With careful use of mobile applications and payment wallets you can get up to 30% off on the MRP of the selected pizzas from selected outlets.

Special combos for affordable meals

Rather than just picking single pizzas, it is always a better deal to invest in combos. As you go dining with your friends or family, these combos become the best picked wholesome meals letting you indulge in a variety of taste in less the price.

Double Pizza special offers

The famous pizzeria hosts a plethora of special offers on their careful baked double pizzas. As you order a set of pizzas you are treated with a reverent discount that increases if you are a loyal customer. This pizzeria helps you pick on the best without making it an expensive affair.

To keep your love for pizza pocket friendly, head to the nearest Double Pizza that gives you exclusive deal on special menus!

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