• Friday , 13 December 2019

Recruitment Agencies – Singapore’s Top Ten

We all know that these agencies are playing a vital part towards networking the job searchers with the companies. As such, our company’s focus turned towards Singapore since it has one of the best job markets in the globe today. More importantly, the country is welcoming expatriates to work in the country. Keeping this in mind, research team of One Visa http://www.one-visa.com came up with the list of top ten agencies in the country here. Look here to know more…

  1. 3C Synergy

This agency is mastering in building and oil and gas related jobs. This has acquired a place in this list because of its environment which is friendly towards all the clients. Moreover, this has a longer experience in dealing with various clients.

  1. Recruit Plus:

This, which was erected in the year 2004, is well aware of the jobs in Singapore. This will be your single-stop center for all the HR related services. In addition, this organization is known to provide consultancy and training services too!

  1. Garner International:

This is found to have some great track records in placements. The important feature which makes it great is the step by step assistance being provided to the clients. Also, its assessments are found to be more valuable.

  1. Aegis Recruitment:

This is another organization in the country with an exceptional credit. The excellent characteristic of this organization is its experienced employees who are always ready to help the clients. The issue resolving and assistance are found to be prompt here.

  1. American Career:

This agency is found to be specializing in offering assistance to expatriates on jobs. Several of the outsiders who want to land jobs in Singapore are finding its service more valuable. It also provides the clients the access to job boards and workshops.

  1. DP Search:

This is under service for several years now and is more skillful in the IT sector. This agency is found to be operating in several countries across the globe. They are always focused towards producing outstanding results within a short time.

  1. Career Hub:

This, which was established in the year 2011, is found to be having a phenomenal reputation in Singapore. This organization alone has given over five hundred employees to over hundred companies in various engineering fields and finance sectors till date.

  1. Energy Resourcing:

This is an integrated service provider that caters to the energy sector all across the globe. This is more famous for its consulting services and strives to be the best in this area. They have offices in many other countries outside Singapore too!

  1. Spencer Stuart:

This is a very old organization that was launched in the year 1956 and is operating in almost 29 nations as of now. It is found to be partnering with various companies, agencies, and recruiting professionals from across the globe.

  1. Russell Reynolds:

This, which has a total of 38 offices, has professional staff base that can understand the clients’ needs and produce the results likewise.

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