• Friday , 3 April 2020

Should you tip your limo driver? If so, how much?

Although there is no rule or any sort of agreement to tip your limo driver, every passenger tends to do it. In other words, every one tips their drivers of limo rentals Toronto as a tradition and way of showing gratitude for the safe ride though it is not mandatory. So, in a nutshell, you should tip your driver.

Well, if you should do it, the next question is about the amount of tip. Many individuals have this question and they become so frustrated after arriving at the venue. So, what’s the right amount of tip? Is there a standard tip amount for limo drivers? Let’s discuss it.

Is there as standard tip?

You should consider tipping limo drivers as a standard custom just like with the individuals in other service industries like tourism and hospitality. You can consider a tip between 10%-20% of the total amount based on the standard of the service you were given. For instance, if the total rental amount is $300, you may tip your limo driver an amount between $30-$60 considering how happy you are.

What can impact the amount of tip you will offer?

As we mentioned above, the amount of tip can vary based on the service you were given. In other words, it will depend on how happy you are at the end of the trip. That said, mentioned below are the things that can encourage you to offer a decent amount of tip.

  • Your limo has beverages and snacks in it.
  • Driver is very friendly and professional.
  • Limo you have rented out comes with lots of additional features that weren’t included in the package.
  • The ride was smooth, safe and pleasant.

What if you are not happy with the overall experience?

If your limo driver is not friendly enough, got late, doesn’t follow the traffic laws, looks frustrated, acts weird or drive unsafely, may it affect the tip you offer. It can be less than 10% of the trip value. Under such circumstances, you are required to lodge a complaint against them with the respective company.

At Majestic Limos, our drivers are perfectly trained so we give you 100% guarantee about their professionalism and highly satisfactory service.

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