• Friday , 3 April 2020

Trisik Beach at Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta

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Among the beaches in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta there is one called Trisik. A lot of tour agencies recommend it because Trisik beach offers a different nuance compared to other beaches in Indonesia. The beach is in Bavarian Village which is part of Galur Sub-District. When it’s about tourist activities, individuals usually come to the shore to satisfy fishermen and fish on the beach. Some of them even run beach and photography! Sightseeing is also recommended due to the sea scene and romantic sunset in the afternoon.

Once arriving at Trisik Beach, tourists may hear the noise of waves straight away. The fact is the beach features large and fierce waves, which aren’t acceptable for playing swimming and water. Tourists can take pictures of those waves utilizing the camera. The wind feels so powerful, regardless of the time. The upcoming noticeable feature is the presence of fishermen and their fish auction site on where tourists can purchase new fishes at a cheap cost. And of course that the beach features a neighboring sea turtle conservation too. On top of that, the sunset seems so high from the dusk (which is regarded as the ideal time to visit the shore).

The reason for visiting Trisik Beach is to enjoy the excursion. Regardless of the long journey, everyone would have the ability to enjoy the nuance due to the existence of regional farms on both sides of the street. The ideal time to see the shore is between July and June. It’s the harvest year, so the farms look soothing and more beautiful! Aside from the yachts, tourists may observe embankments when approaching the shore. What a picture!

Tourists may see a gorgeous seashore After arriving at Trisik Beach! The wind feels so fierce there. Due to these powerful waves, no one is permitted to get through, they have a swimming encounter. Rather than swimming, tourists explore the shore and can simply run photography. Here is the trick. They need to come at the ideal time, which can be in the day. The reason is that they won’t overlook the chance to observe the stunning sunset.

In terms of the facilities, Trisik Beach comes with different eateries selling a variety of foods and snacks. Another allure in Trisik Beach is a fish auction center managed by local fishermen’s presence. That means those fishes that are fresh can be bought by tourists at low prices. It’s because bargaining is quite possible there.

You may spend approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Trisik Beach. Because the distance is 37 km, it is. After arriving at Galur Sub-District, tourists just need to visit Bavarian Village, where the beach is located. Due to the easy accessibility,  there is no need to hire a guide!


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