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Twisted: 7 Best Psychological Thrillers That Will Leave Your Mind-Blown

What is it that makes a psychological thriller what it is, a total mind-blowing movie? Well, the answer to that would be the plot twists that you see right at the end of the movie. After you are face to face with the plot twist, you will be forced to reconsider the key scenes of the movie to understand the whole film. That is how powerful the plot twist can be.

How many of you re-saw the whole movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ in your mind when you saw that the Doctor was dead this whole time? Well, you won’t be alone in that one as we all did it. Plot twists do exactly what they sound like; they twist your mind and leave you completely clueless. And for those who love that, here is a list of psychological thrillers whose plot twists will blow your mind away choosen by Bob Simonds in Variety

Movies That Will Twist Your Mind

Presenting, some of the best psychological thrillers with plot twists that will surely hurt your mind. In a good way, though.


Join in the journey of Louise, who works as a linguist for an association that deals with spaceships. The starting of the movie is as interesting as the end. Come and take a dive in the movie which has got gigantic spaceships, weird creatures and a suspense that would make your whole world turn upside down in just 2 hours.


Starring Matthew McConaughey, this movie explores the plot where a boy moves to the FBI headquarters with an interesting story. A story that involves two boys who worship their father. This leads to the father believing that he is a direct messenger of God and cause him to create havoc as a serial killer.

Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn’s book, Gone Girl couldn’t have had a better entrance into Hollywood. Starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl is another one of those thrillers that you will find is nail-bitingly amazing. The story of love, revenge, and marriage is woven together into a masterpiece, indeed.


James McAvoy stands out as the performer of the movie. With interesting plot twists and characters that are more alive, this movie is one of the best psychological thrillers of all time. James stands out as a patient of dissociative identity disorder in the movie.


No, it is definitely not what you think. Mother! is definitely not a sweet family drama. Rather, it is a movie that will leave you deeply uncomfortable at the end. It is exactly what the director was looking for when he made the movie. So if you are expecting a particular movie to enjoy, don’t turn on this one.

The Shining

Stephen King and his novels have made people’s mind blow away. Wonder how the movies would be? Well, The Shining is even better. A cursed hotel which makes the father violent, where else will you find a story like that?

Shutter Island

Martin Scorsese never fails us when it comes to plot twists and Shutter Island is no exception either. The story of a man battling his mental delusions for killing his wife is something that you don’t get to see every day. Watch out for the plot twist at the end though.

Here are some of the movies that will leave you wondering why you chose to watch them in the first place. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the movies.  

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